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Education and Inequality




Education and Inequality;Write an analytical paper on a specific social issue under one of the following;general topics;? Gender inequality and sexism;? Ethnic inequality and racism;? Education and inequality;? Crime and deviance;? Religion and cultural change;? Family and socialization;? Ageism in the aging society;Your paper should be 8-10 pages (12-point font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced) in;length. You must provide a bibliography, including references to all sources of information that;you draw upon in your paper.;It is to be an analytical paper in the sense that you will be providing information that not only;describes the issue with which you are dealing, but in addition, you will be working towards an;explanation of the problem.;The process that you should follow in developing your analysis can be outlined as follows;1. Develop a specific title for your paper. Define your problem or research question: What;are you trying to find out, and why?;2. Indicate the possible ways of answering the question: Which theories, approaches or;explanations can be used, or have been used by others, to answer the question of a;similar nature? Identify, briefly, the strengths and limitations of each approach.;3. Identify your argument: Indicate how you are going to answer the questions (i.e., which;approach will you take or which set of factors will you conclude are most important to;explain your problem), and justify why.;4. Provide your empirical evidence (your own experience/observation or secondary data);and analysis: Organize and present your information. Your findings must be set up in;such a way as to show how and why you have answered your question in the way that;you have. You may use your textbook as a source of information, but you should also;incorporate other books and articles.;5. Conclude your analysis: Provide a brief concluding section to summarize your analysis;and to indicate its importance.


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