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BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16)




Instructions for Exams/Quizzes taken on Blackboard;All exams/quizzes are timed, unless otherwise noted;Your exam/quiz will save and submit automatically when the time;expires. Therefore you need to be focused and ready for your exam.;Exams/quizzes can be saved and resumed at any point until exam time;has expired. The timer will continue to run if you leave the test.;Each exam/quiz is due on or before the due date listed on this exam.;Each question is displayed one at a time alone on the;screen, you control going to the next question, however you;cannot backtrack.;Backtracking is Prohibited - you are not allowed to go back;and change the answer to a question that has already been;answered.;Randomize Questions: Tests with multiple questions will;display them in a random order to Students. Different Students see the;questions in a different order. No two students will have the same exam;or quiz.;Should you decide to leave your test for any reason and click on any;other item on your computer your test will end and be submitted for;grading.;Treat your exam/quiz the same way you would if you were taking it in a classroom;setting. Basically be prepared to take your exam just like you would be in a classroom setting...;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);These exam study items will enable you to see whether you possess the level of knowledge necessary to pass a;speci?c exam prior to actually taking it. Although these items do not indicate the full range of dif?culty you;would?nd in the actual exam, they will help you assess your knowledge level. They also help you get familiar;with the type of items that may appear during the actual exam, they are built in the same environment as the actual exam. Your exam will only consist of 50 questions, the questions are selected at random by BlackBoard;and may or may not include the questions listed below. Please note no two exams are exactly a like. You will;have 90 minutes to complete your exam.;The supervisor of a hotel housekeeping staff instructed a new housekeeper in the 45 ways a room must be cleaned if its;guest has checked out but she forgot to mention that a less thorough method was to be used if the guest was staying additional nights. The next month the supervisor wonders why the new housekeeper is using many more packets of toiletries;than the other housekeepers are. Also, it is taking the housekeeper the same amount of time to clean a recently vacated;room as it does to clean a room that will be housing the same people for another night. The best explanation for the misunderstanding about the service to be provided by the housekeeper is _________, a risk incurred when services are described in words alone.;A: Oversimpli?cation;B: Incompleteness;C: Subjectivity;D: Biased interpretation;E: Transformation;A retail store manager instructed two new sales associates to greet customers quickly when they enter the store. On the;?rst day the sales associates are working on the selling?oor, one sales associate greets customers immediately after they;enter the store, while the other associate greets customers after they have looked around for a minute or two. Which of;the following risks incurred by describing services in words alone has led to the sales associates greeting customers at;different time intervals?;A: Overcautious;B: Ostentation;C: Objectivity;D: Biased interpretation;E: Transformation;When is a biased interpretation likely to occur during a discussion of a new restaurant?;A: At the beginning of the conversation;B: When one party uses nonverbal communications;C: When one party uses words like nice and different to describe the restaurant;D: Just prior to the conclusion of the conversation;E: Whenever the conversation is disrupted by noise;The openings of new fast-food franchises are typically highly promoted events-especially when the franchise is new to a;geographic area. Special food promotions are offered on the day of the grand opening and sometimes guest appearances. Often if a grand opening event is scheduled for the?rst of the month, the business will actually start serving customers who happen to notice that it is open during the week prior to the?rst. In this way, employees can familiarize themselves with their jobs and minor problems can be handled before they become major. This pre-opening practice is most;closely related to which stage of the new service-development process?;A: Commercialization;B: Business analysis;C: Market testing;D: Service development and evaluation;E: Post introduction evaluation;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 1 of 17;During the commercialization stage, the service goes live and is introduced to the marketplace. This stage has two primary objectives. One is to build and maintain acceptance of the new service among large numbers of service delivery;personnel who will be responsible for day to day service quality. The other is to;A: Evaluate tangibles for the service that are designed to reduce problems associated with service heterogeneity;B: Monitor all aspects of the service during introduction and through the complete service cycle;C: Provide adequate resources to prevent service failures;D: Develop a positioning strategy around which the service provider can build a sustainable competitive advantage;E: Analyze the market and begin the next new service development process;Elysian Events, a wedding planning company, noted how many couples had a wedding catastrophe of some kind. As a;result, it abandoned wedding planning and began offering wedding insurance to protect couples from?nancial losses due;to weather emergencies, stolen wedding rings, damaged wedding dresses, etc. In terms of the service blueprint, preparation of documents to submit to the insurance underwriting company that makes it possible for Elysian Events to offer wedding insurance inexpensively is part of which section of the service blueprint?;A: Customer actions;B: Onstage contact employee actions;C: Backstage contact employee actions;D: Support processes;E: Audience actions;If the purpose of the service blueprint is to understand the integration of the various elements of the service process, the;blueprint should be examined;A: As a whole picture of the service process;B: Vertically;C: From left to right only;D: Horizontally;E: From right to left only;After a service?rm maps the service process from the customer's point of view, the next step in building a service blueprint is to;A: Draw the lines of interaction and visibility;B: Link customer and contact person activity to needed support function;C: Map the service process from the customer contact person's point of view;D: Identify the physical evidence needed to support service quality;E: Add evidence of service at each customer step;A land surveyor will come out to your home, survey your property and draw you a plat showing you the shape of your land;and how it looks in relation to land around it. The work is routine unless the deed for the property is over one hundred;years old. One of the ways a surveyor determines what land belongs to you is by using old deeds. This becomes a complicated practice when the deed says "west from live oak tree" and "northeast 30 feet from Gray family cemetery". Often;these landmarks, which were there 100 years ago, are long gone and no one remembers where exactly they were. Surveyors may differ by a couple of feet in their determination of where these landmarks used to be. This is an example of the;dif?culty involved in;A: Relying on the tangibles dimension of services;B: Integrating service functions;C: Standardizing services;D: Changing customers' perceptions;E: Modifying customers' expectations;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 2 of 17;What is wrong with the following service goal posted in a restaurant: "Do not keep customers waiting too long to be served"?;A: It is too formal;B: It is not actionable;C: It is not speci?c enough;D: It does not re?ect the goal of the restaurant, which is to provide service quality;E: It is not responsive to customer needs;After determining that responsiveness was a major concern of customers, American Express conducted additional research to establish the exact number of days customers de?ned as responsive for the various company processes (e.g., 2;days for reissuing lost cards and 15 days for deciding on an application). By conducting additional research, American;Express was addressing which of the following steps in the process for developing customer-de?ned standards?;A: Developing feedback mechanisms for measurement of standards;B: Identifying existing or desired service encounter sequences;C: Establishing measures and target levels for standards;D: Deciding whether hard or soft standards are appropriate;E: Translating customer expectations into behaviors and actions for each service;New owners of the Atlanta Falcons wanted to increase attendance by giving customers what they wanted. After determining that family-oriented halftime shows were an important consideration for a large portion of its target market, the Falcons;researched speci?c ideas such as?reworks displays, a battle of the bands featuring local high school bands, drawings for;prizes and musical concerts. The additional research would have been done during which step of developing customerde?ned standards?;A: Developing feedback mechanisms for measurement of standards;B: Identifying existing or desired service encounter sequences;C: Establishing measures and target levels for standards;D: Deciding whether hard or soft standards are appropriate;E: Translating customer expectations into speci?c behaviors and actions;Which of the following statements is a criterion for the creation of appropriate service standards?;A: The standards should be based on behaviors and actions that are very important to customers;B: The standards should be challenging even if that means they are unrealistic;C: The standards should be based on past complaints rather than current and future customer expectations;D: The standards should be established for behaviors and actions that at the present time cannot be improved;E: All of the above are criteria for the creation of appropriate service standards;When customers complained that employees at Freddy's Fast Stop Stores were unfriendly, Freddy's instituted its Smiling;Service program, which required all employees to greet and make eye contact with every customer they see within 5 seconds and always smile and offer help whenever the customer appeared to need any. Employees were counseled, sent to;training courses and terminated if they failed to follow these instructions. What mistake did Freddy's make when it instituted this program?;A: It did not want to use audits or operating data to see how well the new program was being implemented;B: It chose a hard standard without seeing if a soft standard would be more appropriate;C: It selected behavior/actions for service standards instead of attributes;D: It did not establish a means of measuring performance against standards;E: It chose a soft standard without seeing if a hard standard was more appropriate;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 3 of 17;Federal Express distributes a weekly Service Quality Indicator report comparing performance to goals on 12 different;items. Upon receipt of the report, managers and contact personnel investigate root causes of service failures. By distributing a weekly Service Quality Indicator report and investigating service failures, Federal Express is addressing which of the;following steps in the process for developing customer-de?ned standards?;A: Translating customer expectations into behaviors and actions for each service;B: Tracking measures against standards;C: Electing behaviors and actions for standards;D: Establishing measures and target levels for standards;E: Deciding whether hard or soft measures are appropriate;American Express's "Service Tracking Report" systematically measures both customer satisfaction and employee performance worldwide. Compiled on a monthly basis, the document uses statistics to measure the performance of business;units throughout the world against more than 100 service quality factors related to their customers' three major service;dimensions-responsiveness, timeliness and accuracy. American Express's "Service Tracking Report" is a(n);A: Service performance index;B: Quality improvement measure;C: Total quality management assessment;D: Customer service indicator;E: Internal-external service control benchmark;A hair salon designed to appeal to children does not use the standard salon furniture. Instead, children sit on carousel;horses to get their haircuts. Large TV monitors strategically located throughout the salon show kid-targeted videos and;cartoons are there to entertain the children. The child-friendly hair salon's servicescape services in what two capacities?;A: A package and as a facilitator;B: A facilitator and as a boundary spanner;C: A differentiator and as a facilitator;D: A boundary spanner and as a differentiator;E: A socializer and as a facilitator;Spatial layout and functionality increase in importance when;A: Service is provided in a self-service environment;B: Customers are under no time pressure;C: Service is provided in a remote environment;D: Photographic blueprints are used to assess the service process;E: Service is provided in an interpersonal services environment;Which of the following service organizations has an elaborate environment?;A: Six Flags over Texas;B: Dave's Dry Cleaners;C: Nancy's Nails;D: The Cutting Edge Hair Salon;E: New Attitudes Car Wash;While most KFC restaurants look alike, there is one in Marietta, Georgia, that is in the base of a 56-foot tall chicken replica;with rolling eyes and a moving beak. In this example, the servicescape is acting as a;A: Package;B: Facilitator;C: Differentiator;D: Boundary spanner;E: Socializer;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 4 of 17;If Maeve has to go on a business trip, she will not?y out of the airport in Atlanta, Georgia, because it is so large and has;so many people who are in a hurry to get somewhere. Instead she chooses one of the smaller airports a couple of hours;away. Maeve's reaction to the airport in Atlanta is a(n) _____ behavior.;A: Social interaction;B: Elimination;C: Avoidance;D: Approach;E: Cognitive;Based on the Framework for Understanding Physical Environment-User Relationships, a person's ___________ the servicescape is what in?uences his or her behavior in the service environment.;A: Approach to;B: Commitment to;C: Af?liation with;D: Internal response to;E: Route to;Two decades ago, travelers needing a place to rest for the night looked for the large, multi-colored Holiday Inn signs.;Eventually, the signs started looking dated and seemed to remind people of early times even though the motel chain knew;travelers wanted to stay in modern rooms with all the latest amenities. Holiday Inn recognized the signs were sending the;wrong message during which stage of the physical evidence strategy?;A: Map the physical evidence of the service;B: Assess and identify physical evidence opportunities;C: Clarify roles of the servicescape;D: Recognize the strategic impact of physical evidence;E: Update and modernize the physical evidence;Two decades ago, travelers who were looking for a place to rest for the night looked for the large, multi-colored Holiday;Inn signs. Eventually, the signs started looking dated and seemed to remind people of early times even though the motel;chain knew travelers wanted to stay in modern rooms with all the latest amenities. Because the signs were sending the;wrong message, Holiday Inn used physical evidence strategy to create more modern signage. During which step of the;physical evidence strategy would this change have occurred?;A: The blueprinting of the physical evidence of service;B: Updating and modernizing of ambient evidence;C: Creating a cross-functional service artifact;D: The updating and modernizing of physical evidence;E: Mapping the service encounter points;Flying across the Paci?c Ocean is an eight-hour trip that could be dreadful if you did not?y Singapore Airlines. One frequent?yer between the U.S. and Japan noted its cabin crew gives the impression that it is truly their pleasure to serve the;passengers. In short, they make?ying with Singapore Airlines very satisfying. What role does this passenger have the;cabin crew playing?;A: Embodying the service;B: Marketing the organization;C: Personifying the service in the customer's eyes;D: Engaged in capacity management;E: Eliminating the need for differential advantages;According to the service marketing triangle, an advertisement for Randonner Tours that describes the agency's customized bicycle tours through Europe is a form of _____ marketing.;A: Internal;B: Interactive;C: Integrated;D: External;E: Relational;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 5 of 17;Flying across the Paci?c Ocean is an eight-hour trip that could be dreadful if you did not?y Singapore Airlines. An ad that;featured a customer saying, "The cabin crew makes?ying with Singapore Airlines a pleasure" and announcing Singapore;had won top honors for international travel in Business Traveler's magazine annual contest would be an example of;marketing.;A: Internal;B: Interactive;C: Integrated;D: External;E: Relationship;When Abu went to open a bank account at First National Bank, he was greeted by a friendly account representative who;explained the different types of savings and checking accounts, as well as other banking services (e.g., ATM, direct deposit, credit cards, and consumer loans) that were available. According to the service marketing triangle, the actions by;the account representative are a form of _____ marketing.;A: Internal;B: Interactive;C: Integrated;D: Strategic;E: External;In the service marketing triangle, ______ marketing refers to enabling the service promise.;A: Internal;B: External;C: Strategic;D: Interactive;E: Integrated;Progressive Insurance examined insurance from the customer's viewpoint and saw how dif?cult it was to get an auto claim;processed and paid by insurance companies. Then the company crafted its service strategy around solving that problem.;The company has?eets of claim adjustors on the road every day, ready to rush to the scene of an accident in their territory and provide fast claims processing-sometimes on the spot. The ability of the insurance company to have an adjustor;at accident sites so quickly is an example of which of the following service quality dimensions?;A: Reliability;B: Responsiveness;C: Assurance;D: Empathy;E: Tangibles;On a recent concert tour, Aerosmith sang a number of classic songs from its past albums, in addition to playing songs;from its newest album. By singing both old songs to satisfy older audience members and songs from its more recent album to satisfy younger fans, Aerosmith was trying to reduce _____ con?ict.;A: Person/role;B: Heterogeneous;C: Organization/client;D: Inter-client;E: Demographic;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 6 of 17;At Pronto, a discount store chain, if the shelf price is not on an item, checkout clerks can take the customer's word for;prices up to $20. The customer does not have to wait for the clerk to check the price with someone on the?oor. By giving;its employees the authority to make decisions on the customer's behalf, Pronto is;A: Including employees in the company vision;B: Empowering employees;C: Measuring and rewarding strong service performers;D: Promoting teamwork;E: Developing service-oriented internal processes;All of the following are potential bene?ts of empowering frontline service workers EXCEPT;A: Quicker responses to customer needs during service delivery;B: Employees feel better about their jobs;C: Employees may "give away the store;D: Employees will interact with customers with more warmth and enthusiasm;E: Quicker responses to dissatis?ed customers during service recovery;At Harrah's Casinos and Hotels, a portion of employee compensation is linked to customer satisfaction scores, so employees have an investment in achieving excellent service levels. Employees also have a vested interest in the performance of the entire team in serving customers exceptionally well. Outstanding employees are recognized with special;Chairman's Awards, and their names are published in Harrah's annual report. Harrah's is using which of the following human resources management strategies for closing provider gap 3?;A: Hire the right people;B: Provide needed benchmarks;C: Retain the best people;D: Develop servicescapes to deliver service quality;E: Set service standards;Provider gap 3 would be created when;A: A fast-food restaurant uses a frequency marketing program;B: An advertisement promises a full-body massage for $5;C: Employees refund customer's money if they complain about the service they received;D: A CPA's tax client neglected to provide her with any receipts or information about deductible expenses;E: Any of the above occurred;In which of the following service situations would customers have the highest level of participation?;A: Eating at a local barbecue restaurant;B: Taking self-defense classes;C: Staying at a Marriott resort hotel;D: Traveling on an American airplane;E: Attending a symphonic orchestra concert;For which of the following services does successful service delivery depend on consumers having a moderate level of;participation by providing information, effort, or physical possessions?;A: A weight-reduction program;B: Airline travel;C: A symphony concert;D: A haircut;E: Marriage counseling;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 7 of 17;After Janine returned home from a vacation in California, she noticed that her new luggage had a?ve-inch tear in it.;Rather than assume that the damaged luggage was a cost of?ying and there was nothing to be done about it, she called;the airline's customer service center. The person answering the phone at the center mailed her the instructions for getting;her suitcase repaired at the airline's expense. Janine was pleased with the repair when the suitcase was shipped home;about a month later. In this scenario, Janine played the role of;A: Customer mix manager;B: Competitor;C: Productive resource;D: Contributor to quality and satisfaction;E: Recruiter;On the military base where Micah is stationed, there is a large, well-stocked garage where he can take his car to do necessary maintenance. The garage charges modest space and tool rental fees. Micah really enjoys tinkering with the engine, but he's not very knowledgeable. That's why he's glad that there is a trained mechanic on duty at the garage. The;mechanic will answer Micah's questions and check his work to make sure that he has done nothing to damage his car's;engine. Micah was especially proud of himself when he replaced his carburetor recently. Which of the following service;delivery roles is Micah, the customer, performing?;A: A customer mix manager and recruiter;B: A competitor and productive resource;C: A productive resource and contributor to quality and satisfaction;D: A contributor to quality and satisfaction and competitor;E: A recruiter and competitor;A consumer's decision to produce a service for himself or herself or contract externally for the service depends on a variety of factors. Which of the following is an example of a psychic reward a homeowner might receive if he decides to landscape his own yard instead of hiring a landscape design expert?;A: Control over the landscaping process and the?nal results;B: Feelings of pride and pleasure as he looks at the?nal results;C: A high degree of con?dence in his own ability to landscape;D: The skills and knowledge of a landscape artist;E: Less expensive process than a professional landscaper would offer;Lois Kay is an experienced baker. She has decided to bake and decorate her daughter's wedding cake instead of ordering;one at the bakery. Her decision to bake her daughter's cake herself was based on this knowledge and the joy of seeing;her daughter's face as she?rst looks at the wedding cake made by her mother. Kay's decision to produce the service herself was primarily guided by;A: Expertise capacity and psychic rewards;B: Economic rewards and trust;C: Control and empathy;D: Resource capacity and economic rewards;E: Economic rewards and psychic rewards;Discover Card has an automated inquiry system that enables card members to obtain their current balance, available;credit, and payment information via telephone without speaking to an account representative. With its automated inquiry;system, Discover Card is enhancing customer participation in the service process by;A: Recruiting customers;B: Positioning customers;C: Managing the customer mix;D: De?ning customers' roles;E: Educating customers;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 8 of 17;The Chatham Landing apartment complex offers tenants $200 off one month's rent for each new tenant referral. By rewarding tenants for making a tenant referral, Chatham Landing is encouraging tenants to perform which of the following;customer jobs?;A: Helping oneself;B: Positioning the company;C: Promoting the company;D: Recruiting customers;E: Helping others;When Alicia went to talk to a cleaning service about having the carpets in her apartment shampooed, she was told that if;she would rent the service's equipment and do it herself, it would cost her 50 percent less and be done much sooner because the service's personnel were booked solid for the next two weeks. The cleaning service is;A: Rewarding customers;B: Positioning customers;C: Managing the customer mix;D: De?ning customers' jobs;E: Educating customers;The Detroit Tigers, a professional baseball team, prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol in the "Family Section" of;Tiger Stadium. The Detroit Tigers are;A: Rewarding customers;B: Positioning customers;C: Managing the customer mix;D: De?ning customers' jobs;E: Educating customers;Landis was pleasantly surprised to?nd a "No Smoking" sign at his favorite pub. He had to limit his visits because he is;allergic to cigarette smoke. Now he can visit as often and for as long as he likes. Landis was afraid the sign might hurt the;pub's business, but he was pleased to discover how many of the pub's regulars felt the same way he did. The "No Smoking" sign served to;A: Enhance customer compatibility;B: Decrease customer participation;C: Turn the customers of the pub into productive resources;D: Allow the customer to co-create the service;E: Maintain the drama metaphor;Which of the following service businesses is LEAST likely to experience wide?uctuations in demand over time?;A: Baptist Hospital emergency room;B: Landmark Trust Bank;C: McDonald's restaurants;D: Houston Police Department;E: Becker and Rosen Accounting Services;Nine months after the terrorists' attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, maternity hospitals were?lled to;capacity as people who had been waiting for the right time to have children decided that there was no time like the present. The maternity hospitals experienced a(n);A: Random demand?uctuation;B: Relative demand shift;C: Predictable demand cycle;D: Vertical demand con?guration;E: Organized demand pattern;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 9 of 17;The Kingston Little Theater is a semi-professional troupe that presents six productions annually. It knows that if it presents;a musical from the 1950s or the 1960s it will attract a large audience from the gay community to see the production. It;could chart its demand pattern by looking at;A: How it acquires prospects;B: Geographical in?uences on demand;C: Audience empowerment;D: Market segments;E: Seasonal?uctuations;Which of the following is NOT a strategy for adjusting capacity to match demand?;A: Cross-training employees;B: Scheduling down time during periods of low demand;C: Renting additional facilities or equipment;D: Using part-time employees;E: Differentiating on price;A hotel that has 300 rooms charges a rate of $150 per night Monday through Thursday. During this period of peak demand, the hotel operates at 100 percent capacity. On weekends (Friday through Sunday), the hotel discounts half of its;rooms at a rate of $100 per night while the remaining rooms are still priced at $150 per night. Calculate the hotel's yield for;a Saturday night, if it?lls 50 percent of the $150 rooms and sells all of the $100 rooms.;A: 58 percent;B: 63 percent;C: 78 percent;D: 93 percent;E: 171 percent;Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with the use of yield management?;A: Incompatible incentive and reward systems;B: Overbooking;C: Customer alienation;D: Loss of competitive focus;E: All of the above are risks associated with the use of yield management.;Which of the following queue con?gurations is designed to ensure fairness of waiting time?;A: Multiple queue;B: Double queue;C: Take-a-number queue;D: Queue with barriers;E: Roundabout queue;At Benford Bank, all customers opting for the drive-thru can pick from one of three lanes. One line may seem to move;faster than the others, but all allow customers to accomplish any type of transaction. Which of the following queue con?gurations does Benford Bank use?;A: Multiple queue;B: Double queue;C: Take-a-number queue;D: Queue with barriers;E: Roundabout queue;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 10 of 17;When Selena purchased a new refrigerator from Sears, she was told by the salesperson that the refrigerator would be;delivered to her apartment Thursday between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. However, the refrigerator was not delivered until 4:00 p.m. on Friday. The late delivery caused Selena to be dissatis?ed with Sears' delivery service. Selena's;dissatisfaction with Sears' delivery service resulted from;A: Inadequate management of service promises;B: Over-promising and over-delivering;C: Inadequate customer education;D: Excessive horizontal communication;E: Differences in policies and procedures across distribution units;An ad guaranteed that you would be skydiving after only a couple of hours of lessons. Megan was excited at the prospect.;After enrolling in the class, she learned that rather than skydiving by herself, which is what the ad implied, she would be;skydiving in tandem (belted to another experienced sky diver) due to safety requirements. Megan's disappointment was;the result of;A: Inadequate management of customer expectations;B: Under-promising and over-delivering;C: Improper vertical communication;D: Differences in policies and procedures across departments;E: Inadequate customer empowerment;Cookies is a retail store where customers host parties for guests to bake and decorate cookies. Children attending a party;staged at Cookies were upset when the adult owners of the store did all of the baking while they watched. The store;owner's insurance provider had told her that she was not covered if a minor was injured on her premises. The children's;disappointment was a result of;A: Inadequate management of customer expectations;B: Under-promising and over-delivering;C: Improper vertical communication;D: Differences in policies and procedures in internal marketing;E: Inadequate customer empowerment;Vernon has a used Nordic Track he wants to sell. He has been told to take it to Play It Again Sports. The retail outlet buys;used athletic equipment and resells it. Vernon took his Nordic Track to a store near his house and was given $60 for the;machine. Later he learned that other Play It Again Sports stores would have paid him at least $100 for the exercise machine and as much as $120. Vernon's dissatisfaction with Play It Again Sports is the result of;A: Inadequate management of service promises;B: Over-promising in advertising and personal selling;C: Inadequate customer education;D: Inadequate management of customer perceptions;E: Differences in policies and procedures across distribution outlets;Which of the following services is highest in incorporeal evidence?;A: An ATM;B: A movie theater;C: A vacation cruise;D: Management consulting;E: A drive-through liquor store;Josh's teachers describe him as a mathematical genius. His parents did not get any education after high school. They;have hired Josh a tutor even though they do not understand why Josh needs to understand string theory and quantum;physics. The tutoring that Josh receives has a high degree of _____ for Josh's parents.;A: Nonsearchability;B: Abstractness;C: Incorporeal existence;D: Generality vs. speci?city;E: Mental impalpability;BUS 567 Final Exam (Chapters 8-16);Page 11 of 17;Variations in the supply and demand of services result in;A: Inadequate management of service promises;


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