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STATS Homework Assignment 7




All calculations should be done in Word using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs should;be done in Excel.;The next 4 questions refer to the following scenario. The victory of Bill Clinton in the 1996;presidential election was attributed to improved economic conditions and low unemployment.;Suppose a survey of 800 adults taken soon after the election resulted in the following crossclassification of financial condition with education level;Worse off now;No difference;Better off now;Total;H.S. Degree of;Lower;91;104;235;430;Some College;39;73;48;160;College Degree;or Higher;18;31;161;210;Total;148;208;444;800;At a.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a relationship between financial condition and;education level?;1) What is the Hypothesis Scenario?;2) Compute an ?Expected Frequencies? table.;3) Compute the value of the chi-square test statistic.;4) What is the conclusion?;Use the following scenario to answer the 4 questions. A bank with a branch located in a;commercial district of a city has developed an improved process for serving customers during;the noon to 1 PM lunch period. The waiting time needs to be shortened to increase customer;satisfaction. A random sample of 9 customers is selected, and stored in bank 1, the results, in;minutes, are as follows;4.21;5.55;3.02;5.13;4.77;2.34;3.54;3.20;4.50;Another branch is also concerned with the noon to 1 PM lunch period. A random sample of 10;customers is selected, and stored in bank 2, and the results, in minutes, are as follows;9.66;5.90;8.02;5.79;8.73;3.82;8.01;8.35;10.49 6.68;Is there evidence of a difference in the median waiting time between the two branches? Use?;=.05;5) What is the hypothesis scenario?;6) State n1, n2, and the critical values for the rejection regions.;7) What is the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test Statistic?;8) State your decision and conclusion.


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