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Change Process in Criminal Justice




Change Process in Criminal Justice;Historically, criminal justice organizations are hierarchal in nature and are typically managed with a top down approach. A recent California Commission of Police Officers Standards and Training article purports that it is time for criminal justice organizations to evolve to affectively meet the needs of the future.;As society rapidly moves further into the 21st century, new paradigms around how to effectively structure criminal justice organizations to maximize effectiveness and the safety of our communities, new strategies, approaches and ways of thinking will be necessary their effective management. In order for these new paradigms to exist, it will be necessary for substantive organizational changes to be implemented.;Required Reading;Olsen, T. S. (July 2010). Net-Centric Policing A Law Enforcement Structure for the Informational Age. California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Retrieved March 11, 2013 from;McNamara, C. (n.d.). Basic Context for Organizational Change. Free Management Library. Retrieved March 11, 2103 from;Nikols, F. (2012). Change Management 101: A Primer. Distance Consulting LLC. Retrieved March 11, 2013 from;Prosci. (2012). Why Change Management? Change Management: The People Side of Change. Retrieved March 11, 2013 from;Case Assignment;Analyze the forces or pressures that precipitate the need for new or alternative management approaches in complex criminal justice organizations. Identify those that warrant special consideration, and evaluate them in terms of their potential effectiveness in terms of today?s complex societal and budgetary needs. Finally, what key elements of change management must be applied to make and ensure the necessary changes stick.;Explain and support your views with reference to ideas from the background readings and any other relevant sources that you have found on the internet. I want you to use at least 3 different sources beyond those given in the Background readings, all of which should be annotated on your References page and cited within the body of your paper.;Keys to the Assignment;The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include;Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of organizational change and how change impacts internal and external constituents;Examine how budgetary constraints impact the change process;Examine the importance of managing the change process in complex criminal justice organizations


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