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Management question External Analysis of the Motorcycle Industry




Management question;External Analysis of the Motorcycle Industry;Like other companies, H-D operates in a complex global industry. In order to develop and execute a successful strategy, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company must take into account the global automotive environment. In this Case Assignment, discuss H-D from a strategic perspective.;Read the information in the background material, look for more information, and then write a 4- to 5-page report for your professor and the executives of Harley-Davidson by answering the following questions;What are H-D's Opportunities for moving forward in the competitive motorcycle manufacturing and sales environment?;What threats does the company face?;Consider the Lehman Trikes case study below. To what extent do you think the alliance between H-D and Lehman Trikes presented an opportunity for H-D? To what extent do you think this was an opportunity for Lehman? Support your arguments.;Here is the Lehman Trikes article;Looney, D. C., & Ryerson, A. (2011). Lehman Trikes: A story within a story. Journal Of The International Academy For Case Studies, 17(7), 45-58. (Available via the Library by way of the EBSCO database).;Note: Reports/assignments will not be accepted without proper citations and references. Use the sources from the background material together with the sources you find on your own.;This paper should include;An introduction stating the thesis, position, or central theme of your paper, a main body focusing on the key assignment specifications, and a conclusion concisely stating the main points of your analysis and the conclusions you reached.;Document your sources and provide in-text citations whenever you use information obtained from a background reading or other outside source, as well as a separate reference list at the end of the paper. You may use footnotes instead, if you prefer, but you must document where you got the information you are using in your papers.;The following criteria will also be used to assess your paper;Meets Assignment Requirements: Is it apparent that all writing requirements are specifically addressed?;Critical Thinking: Has the student integrated course materials into a well-reasoned presentation of ideas?;Writing: Is the paper clear and well written with an academic tone?;Use of Sources: Did the student apply recent, relevant sources to support key points?;Mechanics: Was the paper properly formatted to include proper use of in-text citations?


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