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Mobile phone data transmission (channel access methods): CDMA, CDPD, GSM, and TDMA




Help me to do my final Project the topic is Mobile phone data transmission (channel access methods): CDMA, CDPD, GSM, and TDMA;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 10;Max Pages: 15;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Paper Project (15%): You must include at least ten references. Details of the Project;1.Prepare a 10-15 page paper in Microsoft Word (counts as 15% of the final grade) in APA format (see writing expectations in the Policies section) (350 words per page). At a minimum include the following;?Detailed description of the area researched;?Technology involved in the area;?Future trends in the area;?Example companies involved in the area;?Regulatory issues surrounding the area;?Global implications for the area;?References (minimum of 10);2.You may use resources from the APUS Online Library, any library, government library, or any peer-reviewed reference (Wikipedia and any other publicly-reviewed source is not accepted). The paper must by at least 10 pages double-spaced, 1" margin all around, black12 point fonts (Times New Roman or Arial) with correct citations of all utilized references/sources, (pictures, graphics, etc are extra - allowed but extra for the minimum page count). The title page and references are also required but don't count in the minimum page count. A minimum of 10 references are needed.;3.The paper will be subjected to checking against plagiarism. The paper must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% max total, and 2% per individual source match are allowed). The system will automatically submit your papers to


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