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SOCY QUIZ;There are two sections to this quiz- Section I (page 1) Matching Terms and Section 2 (Page 2) Short Essays;I. Matching terms: 5 pts each- Type the number of the term in the first list next to the word or phrase it is related to in the second list;1. subjective component;2. social stability;3. pervasive inequality;4. existing data;5. construction of social reality;6. stage 3 in the natural history of social problems;7. all inclusive;8. stage 2 in the natural history of social problems;9. C.W. Mills;10. Macro level analysis;structural functionalism;social construction perspective;conflict theory;personal troubles and public issues;random survey;legitimacy;large systems and their interaction;symbolic Interaction;secondary analysis;renewed claims-making;CONTINUED on PAGE 2.;II. Write a short essay on the mandatory topic and choose a topic from the list below for the second short essay. Add another page to this document if necessary to complete your essays.;Mandatory Topic and 1 Additional Topic: 2 -3 paragraphs;Discuss the objective and subjective components of the Ebola crisis. Use the article below as reference for your discussion. Type your essay on the page below and submit it in the assignment file for ?Quiz?.;;Choose one topic: 2-3 paragraphs Include 1 reference providing descriptive information on your chosen topic and list it at the bottom of your completed text. Copying and pasting the complete url as I have done above is fine.;NFL players and Domestic Violence;Voter ID laws in some states;Cyber-bullying;Wealth Gap in the U.S. and Globally;America?s deteriorating Infrastructure (e.g. roads and bridges);Political gridlock in the U.S.


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