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Assignment: Module Review Questions and Module Practice




Question;Activity 7.3 - Assignment: Module Review Questions and Module Practice;This graded activity has two parts.;Part 1:Answer the module review questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.;What is the role of a project manager and program manager? What are the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to be a project manager?;Name five critical success factors and why they are important to the success of a project.;What role can the company executives play in an implementation? What is ?scope creep? and why is it important to manage during an ERP implementation?;What are the steps in business process re-engineering? And why is BPR important in an ERP implementation?;What does the organizational project management maturity model do for a company?s ERP implementation, and what are the steps involved in OPM3?;Part 2:Review 5-10 job advertisements for a project manager role/position, and then do the following;Write a report that includes the references to the job ads you reviewed.;Describe the positions you reviewed.;Summarize the skills and competencies required for the positions listed.


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