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Activity 6.3 - Assignment: Module Review Questions and Module Practice




Activity 6.3 - Assignment: Module Review Questions and Module Practice;This graded activity has two parts.;Part 1:Answer the module review questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.;Why is the readiness process so important to an ERP implementation?;What project areas need to be assessed in a readiness process?;What is included (and not included) during the stabilization timeframe?;Why is knowledge transfer important to the long-term stability of the ERP system?;What are the 5 areas addressed in post-production support;Part 2:You were tasked to provide training for a user group for a new ERP system that your organization is about to launch. Prepare two agendas, the first training is for the user group before the system ?Go- live,? and the second agenda for the user group after ?Go-Live.? What items will you cover in each training session? How would the training session be conducted? Explain your answer


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