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UMUC IFSM300 Final assesment-companies (just like the scenario in the class) rely on the use of knowledge as part of their products and services




IFSM 300 ? Assessment;Each Assessment Question is worth five (5) points, maximum. Remember, this is a 300-level course, so I consider grammatical/syntactical areas as well (refer to your Syllabus for effective writing tips). Do NOT change the content(s) of any of the Questions, in so doing, you will forfeit the entire grade of this Assessment.;You will need to use both textbook and Internet resources for your responses. Please cite the source of your response.;1. Many companies (just like the scenario in the class) rely on the use of knowledge as part of their products and services. With respect to this fact, succinctly define the two (2) premiere forms of knowledge used by firms (explicit knowledge, and tacit knowledge).;ANSWER;2. Describe the three (3) primary operational Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies a marketing department can use to increase customer satisfaction (List generation, Campaign management, and Cross-/Up-selling).;ANSWER;3. Provide an in-depth analysis of the following business values of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), A. Quality & Efficiency, B. Decreased Costs, C. Decision Support, and D. Enterprise Agility.;ANSWER;4. In your own words, describe the major attributes and purposes of the SWOT analysis. Be specific!;ANSWER;5. Describe four (4) major success factors related to electronic commerce (e-commerce).;ANSWER;6. In your own words, describe the role of ergonomics and its use in Information Systems (IS).;ANSWER;7. Describe five (5) things you should consider before posting information to your ?social networks?. (This question is very subjective (no real wrong answer), but make it count.);ANSWER;8. Describe one (1) of the Information Management policies referenced in your textbook, AND, describe how you would incorporate it within your small business (HD) scenario.;ANSWER


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