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IFSM300 Exercise 2- Data & Cost Analysis




Exercise 2: Data & Cost Analysis;Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?Hometown Deli Case Study? and ?Hometown Deli Case Study? Stages (1, 2, and 3, respectively).;Business Process Analysis for the Hometown Deli;For your Stage 1 Project of the Case Study, you identified a strategic area for improvement of your Hometown Deli?s business and youidentified a process that could be improved with the use of technology. For Stage 2, you performed an initial technological proposal supporting the process, and in Stage 3, you completed a template, identifying the ?areas to be considered? that may be supported by your technological proposal. For this Exercise, you will perform a data and cost analysis, to determine a rough order of magnitude (ROM ? or oftentimes referred to as a Cost Estimate) for your IT technological proposal. (You may notice I do not use the term ?solution? at this point, because, during this phase (coupled with Case Study 3, dealing with ?areas to be considered? a.k.a. ?feasibility analysis?) you may find that you will have to make some adjustments to your proposed effort, which is perfectly normal.;Purpose of this Assignment;This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your analysis skills to model a data & cost analysis. Modeling the process as it exists (or as it will exist) will aid in the design, development and implementation of the technology solution. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to;Analyze the data and cost of a pertinent IT solution, given certain restraints.;Assignment;For this assignment you will use the process identified for improvement in your Stage 1 Project. Although your textbook has little to reference regarding the model or process (hence, the table provided below), it does provide information for you to consider while determining the cost of your proposal. You must reference any and all resources (Internet, vendor data, etc.) that you use for this Exercise. Submit your paper via your Assignment Folder (under Exercise 2) as an attached document with your last name included in the filename.;Budget Constraints;Since this is your first year of owning the ?Hometown Deli?, information you have is scratchy at best. Thus far, given an analysis of Gross Profits/Revenue from Sales, you can anticipate that your business will make $300,000 for the year. Since you will have to create an Executive Briefing (Stage 4), which will, in essence, suffice as a proposal for a bank loan as well, you do not want expenditures for this IT project to exceed 8% of Gross Profits/Revenue for the next two years (you want to pay this loan off in 24 months to obtain the lowest possible interest rate), assuming a 3% inflation rate for the 2nd year, and assuming you will make $300,000 profit for each year.;Thus, you will have to work with;FY1 = 8($300,000), FY2 = 8($300,000 + 3%);Now, upon reviewing the table (below), keeping in mind that this is a template only and can be adapted to your proposal, you will need to determine what it will take (in terms of data (proposal information--reference your previous Case Studies for system and equipment nomenclature that you recommended, etc.), cost, and level of effort (manhours, etc.), to implement your proposed effort. Please note that changes can be made from your previous proposal, but NOT the process you identified for improvement (Stage 1).;Data & Cost Analysis;?Hometown Deli? *;System Requirement(s);Model, Type, etc.;Labor Rates, Hours, etc.;Quantity, etc.;Cost;Hardware;Computer;Dell 3210 (32G RAM);2 @ $1,720.00 ea;$3,440.00;Printer;HP 6220i;1 @ $345.00;$345.00;Software;Sage CRM;Basic;$11,120.00;Quicken;Premiere;$129.99;Service/Support;Sr Analyst;$157.00 hr @ 12 hours;$1,884.00;Trainer;$57.00 hr @ 4 hours;$228.00;12 month support;Sage CRM Basic;$1,000.00;Data/DB Support;Oracle DAAS;Online Data as a Service;1st 20GB / every 5 GB thereafter;($2,000.00 / $400.00);(Need 25 GB);$2,400.00;HelpDesk Support;Basic;FREE;MISC Items;PC-Ready Cash Register;Whatever It Takes;2 @ 1,750.00 ea;$3,500.00;Paper & Printer Supplies;24 Months Supply;$7,200.00;Network/Comms;ISP;Charter;18MBps w/30MB Free Space for Web Site;$37.50 month / 24 Months;$900.00;In-House WiFi;LinkSys D3100 Secure Router with WPA-2;$200.00;Secure VPN;Transact-a-Lot (Bank);$27.00 month / 24 Months;$648.00;Sub Total;$32,994.99;Taxes (@ 9%);$2,969.55;Other Direct Costs (S&H, etc)(@5%);$1,649.75;Total;$37,614.29;* NOTE: This data is fictitious (Example Only), whereas your information cannot be;Use resources at your disposal?please ensure you properly cite your resources.;When indicating your ?Total? cost, specify what percentage it entails of your budgetary amount (see ?Budgetary Constraints?). Of course, I do not expect this work to be exact, but your model should at least show the detail that the example provides.;The "right" and "wrong" answers have to do with whether or not you correctly model a data and cost analysis. Your model will be evaluated on whether it is applicable to the process identified (Stage 1), all major areas are included (per the template), and it is appropriate to the Deli. Use the Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.;GRADING RUBRIC;Attribute;Full Points;Partial Points;No points;Possible Points;Points Earned;Model Completeness;The model presents the major areas.;The model presents most of the major areas.;No major areas are included.;16;Organization of Data;Data (to include cost) in the areas are organized in a logical manner, and all system, software, etc. is properly represented.;Data may not be organized logically, or may be lacking in demonstration of analysis, and/or presentation.;Data is not organized at all.;12;Analysis Presentation;Analysis is professionally presented, uses a logical structure, and spelling is correct.;Analysis is not professionally presented, and/or contains spelling/mathematical errors.;Analysis is poorly presented and does not convey the information.;12;TOTAL Points;40;40 points =10% of final course grade;Points Recorded;(total points x.10)


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