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MSE 602 MIDTERM;Please follow these Instructions;1. Please print your First & Last Name and your email address in the header of this document;2. Please work on this exam individually;3. Please submit the exam via email on or before October 28, 2014 by 7.00pm and please put MSE 602 Midterm in the subject line.;4. Please save the file in the format requested in your syllabus. (Last Name_MSE 602_Midterm);5. You can answer in essay format or in bullet format ? whatever you are more comfortable with. But in either case, please underline the main points in your answer.;6. You will have to do a considerable amount of research online to answer these questions.Make sure to list ALL references used for each question. So after Q1, list the references for Q1 and after Q2, list the references for Q2. A reference means the complete citation of the paper or web link that can I can verify and refer to. So do not just provide a reference.;7. Points will be deducted if verifiable references are not provided.;8. TOTAL POINTS for the midterm exam = 30 points.;9. Partial credit will be given, so please attempt all questions. Please clearly state any assumptions made by you for any questions.;10. Please use Times New Roman Size 12 font, double spaced. Please make sure to follow this format. Points will be deducted if you do not follow this format.;Q1. It is said that we are increasingly moving towards an ?access economy.?;(a) Define and explain what you mean by an ?access economy.? Please provide an example as well to strengthen your explanation (4 points);(b) What business model would you recommend to be used to function as an entrepreneur in an ?access economy? versus an ?ownership economy?? Include at least 4 specific points about how you would have to think outside the box in order to achieve this goal of being a successful entrepreneur in an ?access economy.? (8 points);Q2. The urban population in 2014 accounted for 54% of the total global population, up from 34% in 1960 and this trend continues to grow. From an innovation perspective, what types of products and services will have to be developed to address specific urban challenges. State at least 5 challenges and a corresponding product or service that you think would need to be developed to address that challenge. Explain the uniqueness of each product/service and the factors you would have to consider to create a successful business model for that product or service. You can answer in a tabular format as shown below (10 points);Challenge;Product or Service to Address this challenge;Uniqueness of this product or service;Factors to consider to create a successful Business Model for this product/service;Q3. Earlier this past week, on October 14, 2014, there was an article that appeared in the LA Times about ?An analysis of Tesla found it to be more of an iPad than a car.? You can find the article at:;Additionally, there is another article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on the same day (October 14th), titled, "Cheap oils pops the green policy bubble." You can find the article at,;If you were working at Tesla, how would these new revelations affect the SWOT analysis that you did on Tesla in the last class? Clearly explain that and the reasons for the changes to occur in the SWOT analysis. You can provide the SWOT analysis in a tabular format (as shown in the class slides) and then clearly list the changes / differences between the SWOT analysis you did in class last week and the NEW one you are doing now, based on this newly revealed information about Tesla. You can also do additional research online to come up with an ?updated/new? SWOT analysis (8 points)


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