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RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT;Please use MS word.;Research paper is DUE on the 15th week on class (i.e. Must be before the Final exam week);Any deviation or exceptions need to be discussed with the instructor first.;Imagine you are a System Analyst at ABC incorporated. Your job is to submit a report about common issues with their EHR system and the improvements that can be done to the system.;You have the option to discuss one of the following topics: or other related topics. Please start submitting your topics as soon as possible in order to get a feedback. Topics might be revised later if needed. Prior instructor approval is needed.;EHR related technologies;? Network Technologies such as wireless technology;? Security aspects (Encryption, IDSes, Biometrics);? Standards and regulation (HIPPA);? Current Status of Ministry of Health EHR and the improvement that can be done.;? Security threats to HER (virus, rootkits, hackers);? Newer technologies in the Healthcare such as Telemedicine.;The final paper must adhere to the following criteria;? 6-8 pages in length;? Follow a particular forma, but you may use APA format or IEEE publication format (;? At least 3 different citations/resources (paper, journal, website);? 1.5 spaced;? Time New Roman font, 12 pt;? It has Title page with the topic, the name of the student, and section number (not included in the total page number);? Research Sources (Bibliography) preferred to be in APA format;? Introduction or abstract summary about the paper;? Conclusion discussing the improvements;In the paper please discuss the following points;? What kind of technology you are discussing?;? Brief history about?;? Describe how it works?;? Describe the benefits and the challenges of using this technology?;? Give an actual example of the technology current usage (Biometric scanners, using Ipads...etc), and how it is currently being used? And what was the cost associated with the implementation?;? Show how the improvements helped in the current Environment.


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