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Create A Blog;Using one of the free online blog creation tools listed below, create a blog for a fictitious organization for this week?s initial task. For both tools, you will need to create a new account if you do not already have one. Blogger is a Google tool, and you can use your existing Google account to log in or create a new account.;Blogger (;Tumblr (;In this blog, you are to;Present selected information to employees in at least three categories (i.e. on policies, procedures, a merger situation, etc.).;Provide 2 to 3 entries in each of your categories.;Provide a way for ?company employees? to respond to your individual blog postings.;When this is completed, post a discussion entry to contact your course instructor and give him/her access to the blog by providing the URL.;Blog Length: 100-250 words per entry, 2 to 3 entries per category;Discussion Length: Brief explanation that your blog is complete, including URL


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