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Week 2 Discussions 1 2




Week 2 Discussions 1 2;AccountingExpert, Need this by tomorrow 10/19/2014, 14,00 Hours, 2 PM EST, same deal as last time $20 per discussion;Week 2, Discussion 1;?Stakeholders and Corporate Governance.? Please respond to the following;A.) Select an organization of your choice and identify both primary and secondary stakeholders and their most likely issue(s) with the organization.;B.) Discuss how the organization?s corporate governance could promote responsibility to the stakeholders you identified (include the model of corporate governance and the role of the board of directors in your response).;Week 2, Discussion 2;?Implementing a Stakeholder Perspective.? Please respond to the following;A.) Analyze the steps for implementing a stakeholder perspective and determine which step is the most essential to get right. Explain your reasoning.;B.) Improve the process of implementing a stakeholder perspective by replacing one (1) of the steps or adding an additional step. Explain how your changes would make the overall process better.


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