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Independence Burgers;1. Jim Range owns a Best Ice Cream store, one of 1,000 franchises across the country.;Jim doesn?t like to work evenings, so he hires Mary Jo Smith to work the store in the;evening for $6.50 per hour. Mary Jo?s Friends come by each evening and she gives;them free cones. Is this an adverse selection problem or an incentive problem? What is;the solution?;2. Independence Burgers serves fast food at its 300 franchised outlets across the South.;The chain has recently found that (a) people are upgrading to restaurants when they eat;out, (b) government regulation of beef has been tightened, and (c) modern food;preparation technology makes central commissaries more cost effective. What should;Independence Burgers be thinking about doing with its organizational architecture?;3. Missy Knowles is in charge of all technical developments at Gumby Polymer Rubber.;She makes all the choices concerning product innovations in the company. She finds;that she is overworked and that several of her research chemists seem to be spending;work hours playing gulf. What managerial advice would you provide to Gumby Polymer;Rubber? Clearly explain your reasoning.;4. Decentralized decision-making is very controversial in a corporate environment. Central;office managers feel like they are losing control of managers in specific plants or;regional offices. What are some of the issues that must be reviewed before making the;final decision on where to place final decision-making power?;5. Macrosoft is implementing a new research and design shop to integrate PC;manufacturers? requirements for new computer software with Macrosoft?s operating;system. The process of integration usually requires five different kinds of software;modification task, plus decisions about integrating these modifications. Discuss the;problem of designing the new jobs in this research and design shop.;6. Enhanced Computers specializes in rebuilding computers. Recently reorganized into;graphic divisions, the southern division headed by Dan Unowsky is outperforming the;other divisions in sales and profits. However, corporate executives have noticed the;Unowsky no longer send refurbished computers to other divisions, and he has instituted;special warranties and pricing systems unavailable in the rest of the company. Should;Unowsky be promoted or fired?;7. In the Bagby Copy Company case study, the executives are faced with wiring ten;different copiers that they make in five separate European countries. They must choose;between specializing by country or specializing by manufacturer of copier type. The;executives hire a lobbyist to work for a standard regulatory and sales environment;across the entire European Union. Why?;8. The owners of Market Analysts, a business and economics consulting firm, are big;believers in paying benchmark competitive wages. They pay all (non-legally specified);compensation in wages. If the employee wants a benefit, the company has an insurance;program but it comes out of the paycheck. Market Analyst tends to hire very young;workers just out of college. They are energetic and work hard, but after two years they;tend to leave for other firms, taking valuable training lessons with them. If Market;Analysts want to keep its employees, what changes should it make to the terms of;employment offered to new employees?;9. Explain the effect of self-selection on compensating wage differential.;10. What are the factors that favor high incentive pay for an employee? Explain which of the;five factors is the most important. Now provide a detailed, expressive fictional story;showing how this concept plays out.;11. The DuPont case is a good example of an incentive package gone awry. In review, it;placed a portion of employee?s pay into an ?at-risk pool.? If the division had exceeded;expectations, the employees would have saved the DuPont bonus system?;12. A few years ago the state legislature of a particular state passed a bill that increased;funding for only those public universities that showed an increase in graduation rates. In;two years, the bill was retracted. Why was the bill enforced in the first place just to be;withdraws so soon?


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