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Monsanto annual report analysis




Monsanto annual report analysis;INTRODUCTION TO THE CORPORATE ANNUAL;REPORT;A Business Application with IFRS Content;3rd edition;Copyright 2011 by Applied Accounting Analytics. All rights reserved. Reproduction or;translation of this book beyond that permitted by the applicable copyright law without Applied;Accounting Analytics? permission is prohibited. Requests for permission to reprint or for further;information should be directed to or;ISBN: 978-0-9841839-2-0;To be completed by the student and submitted with the completed annual;report project according to your instructor?s requirements.;Complete the following form before you submit your assignment. This step is required to;validate your compliance with sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act.;1. Remove the front cover of the workbook and identify;Student Name;Term;Selected Company;Instructor;2. Print your completed electronic template.;3. Attach the following;? This page completed with all required information.;? Completed Word form template. Form template boxes expand as you input;responses.;CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION;Select a Company and Gather Documents;Chapter 1: Select a Company and Gather Documents ? Question 1;Identify with an ?X? the primary source of data for this project.;Annual report to shareholders;Annual report to shareholders with a letter from Chief Executive Officer and SEC;Form 10-K as part of the annual report to shareholders. The annual report may;include additional general company information.;SEC Form 10-K and the company website.;Fill in the page numbers from the annual report where the following are located.;Required information for this;workbook project.;Page;No.;Required information for this;workbook project.;Page No.;Financial Highlights Chief Executive Officer Letter;?;?;?;Not absolutely;necessary, but very;common in annual;report to shareholders.;?;?;Not in SEC Form 10-K.;May be posted on;company website. If so;put WEB in Page No.;box.;May be labeled President?s, CEO?s or other top official?s message or letter to the;shareholders;Not in SEC Form 10-K. Likely posted on company website if SEC Form 10-K used to;satisfy the annual report to shareholders reporting requirement. If so put WEB in Page No.;box.;If not available, put N/A;in Page No. box.;Management?s;Discussion and;Analysis (MD&A);Notes to Financial Statements;?;Put range of pages, for example, 47 to 58.;Income Statement;May be labeled Statement of;Earnings;Report of Independent Accountants or Independent Auditors?;Report;Balance Sheet;Five- or Ten-Year Summary of Operating Results;May be labeled Statement of;Financial Position;Item 6 in SEC Form 10-K;Statement of;Change in;Stockholder?s;Equity;Management?s Report (Responsibility) on Internal Control over;Financial Reporting;Statement of Cash;Flows;Investor and Company Information or Shareholder Information;Item 9A. Control and Procedures in SEC 10-K;Identify Why You Selected This Company;Chapter 1: Identify Why You Selected This Company ? Question 1;A) What is/are your motivation(s) or interest(s) in selecting this company?;[See above for examples.];B) What question(s) are you seeking to answer?;[For example, is the company profitable? Can the company change and develop new products;and services to be competitive? Would I invest in this company? Will the company provide;rewarding career opportunities? In chapter 5 you will have pulled together the financial and;nonfinancial information to answer these question(s).];A);B);Company and Annual Report Essentials;Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials ? Question 1;What is the company?s complete name?


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