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Macroeconomics IP Assignment




Macroeconomics IP Assignment;1015 PowerPoint Slides Details;You are between jobs and have decided to relocate to a city east of the Mississippi River, but you;are unsure of what size or type of city you and your family can afford to live in.;Choose 4 cities east of the Mississippi River, each of a different size, and research the housing;prices for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath condo for each city. Determine how supply and demand can affect;the prices of these homes. In a PowerPoint presentation, submit data findings that include;economic factors within that area that may influence your decision, or factors that have;prohibited an area to be chosen.;Present the data in the following format;1 slide of housing data findings. Provide the housing prices of each chosen city east of;the Mississippi for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath condo or house.;23 slides of your preferred city to relocate with your reasoning for this choice;12 slides: Explain at least 2 reasons why housing prices vary from city to city;35 slides: Explain 34 ways in which supply and demand affect the prices of the homes;35 slides: Include any supply and demand figures or calculations to support your;reasoning


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