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STAT200 Question 25




STAT200 Question 25;Given a sample size of 100, with sample mean of 730 and a sample deviation of 100, we perform the following hypothesis test at? = 0.05 level. (20 pts);Ho? = 750;H1? < 750;What is the appropriate distribution for performing this Hypothesis test?;Z distribution, t distribution, Chi Square distribution, Uniform;Determine the test statistic. Show or explain how you obtained or calculated the test statistic.;Determine the critical value. Explain how you obtained the critical value.;Is there sufficient evidence to justify the rejection of Ho at?= 0.05 level?;a) No. There is insufficient evidence to reject the Null Hypothesis.;b) Yes. There is sufficient evidence to reject the Null Hypothesis.;c) There is insufficient evidence to make a decision.;Explain your answer by finishing the following sentence;The decision for this test is (a, b, or c from above) because the test statistic is ______________.


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