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SPSS Assignment 2




1. Use the data set called Chapter 4 Data Set 1 (p. 369), enter the data just like you did last week, and then complete the following tasks and answer the following questions;a. Create a frequency distribution and a histogram for the set. Copy and paste it into this document, right after this question (just like you would anything else, double click on the frequency distribution table in the output file and copy it, then paste it into this document).;b. Is this distributed skewed? How do you know?;2. A third-grade teacher is looking to improve her students? level of engagement during group discussions and instruction. She keeps track of each of the 15 third-graders? number of responses every day for 1 week, and it is available as Chapter 4 Data Set 2 (p. 370).;a. Enter the data in SPSS.;b. Create a bar chart (one for each day). Copy and paste it below. If you feel adventurous, change the colors?;Correlations;Review and follow and follow the steps in pages 92-95 of your text and you may want to keep SPSS Statistics 20 Brief Guide handy just in case.;3. First enter the data set called Chapter 5 Data Set 2 (p. 370). The complete the following tasks.;a. Compute the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient. Copy and paste the results in this document.;b. Construct a scatterplot for these 10 values. Copy and paste it to this document. Based on the scatterplot, would you predict the correlation to be direct or indirect? Why?;4. Enter the following data into SPSS. Determine the correlation between hours of studying and grade point average in these honor students. Copy and paste the results into this document. Then explain why the correlation so low.;Hours of Studying GPA;23 3.95;12 3.90;15 4.00;14 3.76;16 3.97;21 3.89;14 3.66;11 3.91;18 3.80;9 3.89;Reliability;Review and follow and follow the steps in pages 113-115 of your text and you may want to keep SPSS Statistics 20 Brief Guide handy just in case.;5. Enter the data set called Chapter 6 Data Set 1. You are developing an instrument that measures vocational preferences (what you want to be), and you need to administer the test several times during the year while students are attending a vocational program. You need to assess the test-retest reliability of the test and the data from two administrations ? one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Would you call this a reliable test? Why or why not? (Be sure to copy and paste your results in this document).


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