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what definition of quality is implied




what definition of quality is implied by the following consumer advertisement?;a)a McDonald's stating "dollar Menunaires know you don't have to spend a lot to taste the rich life...from Double Cheeseburgers to fries.;Eight deluxurious items, each for only a dollar;b) a Tag Heuer watch ad featuring Tiger Woods with the caption "what are you made of?;c)Symantec,a software firm that makes anti-virus software and performs e-mail storage and security services advertises;-No viruses;-No spam;-No downtime;-E-mail done right;d)A samsung ad that state "the samsung BD-UP5000 gives you the best of both HD worlds by bridging Blue-ray and HD DVD capabilities together in one player.... at an incredible Full HD 1080p resolution, which delivers up to six times the picture quality of standard definition DVDs"


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