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Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP




Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP;A young company growing at annual rates that exceed 50 percent needs to replace the failing operational core of its mission critical IT system. To meet the challenge the company's managers combine conventional methods, and unorthodox choices, fitting their approact to the special circumstances in which they find themselves. This case describes one of the most successful large-scale system implementations ever documented, a project that laid the technological foundation for the creation of an IT-enabled industry giant. As you read the case, consider these questions;1. What accounted for the success of this project?;2. What were the most important things that Cisco managers did right?;3. What did they do wrong?;4. How did they manage unanticipated problem?;5. Was Cisco smart or lucky with its ERP implementation?;What I have learned?


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