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In about 750 Words describe the security threats that a company




ASSIGNMENT;In about 750 Words describe the security threats that a company will face when it implements a wireless network. Assume that the company occupies the six middle floors in a 12-story office building that is located in a downtown business area between two others buildings of similar height. Briefly explain how the company could reduce the risks it faces.;DUE DATE: NOV 25/2010;READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!;You are to write at least 5 pages long (not counting introduction, conclusion and references page);Please include an INTRODUCTION (Abstract), CONCLUSION, and a REFERENCES PAGE (Minimum of 4 sources). DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a research source. Use in text citations to support your responses.;Use plain English.;PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED. Check your papers to correct and avoid plagiarism at: You can look for this website at GOOGLE if can?t get access directly.;IMPORTANT: Please use the following format when searching thru the web. If the page number is provided please include it.;Examples;ABC-CBN is a website dedicated to provide all types of news and entertainment. Retrieved from:;Anapol is a document in regards to how investors can protect themselves and increase the;chances of reaching their financial goals. Retrieved from; investors can protect themselvs.doc


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