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Change management subject,




Change management subject;Diagnosis essay (Only the body with 2400-2500 words) for telstra Co. or any other known mid-sized to big sized organisation?;(The structure of body will be forwarded);Task;Choose a medium to large organisation that you are familiar with.;Diagnose it from a multi-frame perspective. Identify its main problems and opportunities and make specific recommendations for change.;State why you are recommending those particular change interventions and how you would proceed with their implementation.;Use the change management theory from the literature to justify your recommendations and your implementation process.;Content;-Organisational diagnosis;-Use of multiframing;-Identification of main problems and opportunities;-Recommendations for change;-Justification of recommendations;-Appropriateness of the proposed;-solutions/interventions;-Implementation process;-Justification of proposed implementation process;-Insights into change management reflected through;-analysis, synthesis & critical reasoning;-Overall quality of the arguments put in support of the conclusions reached;-Engagement with the change management literature (breadth/depth of relevant reading reflected in the paper);Presentation;-Layout;-Structure (introduction, arguments, conclusion);-Style (written expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation);-In-text citation ibliographic referencing


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