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Using relevant research/academic literature




(3500 words) Using relevant research/academic literature on HRM that you have read so far, prepare a;critical review of the following HR activities that warrants remedial action in;the organisation you are working for (or have worked for in the past);? occupational health and safety;With the support of research/academic literature, you are required to;? summarize an HR issue/problem that you?ve identified in the activity area;? justify why it is important for management to take action to address the issue/;problem raised, having regard to its impacts on performance in the organisation (at;multiple levels, if this is appropriate);? taking into consideration constraints that exist in the organization, use research/;academic literature to analyze and assess possible strategies for managing the issue/;problem;? recommend policies and actions based on this assessment. Justify your;recommendation(s);? be persuasive in your arguments;an organisation have to be an example, i think Mining company is much better, but you can choose the organisation which is familiar wit you;the reference format must be Harvard Reference Style. copy should not be over 10-15%


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