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Which would NOT be a consideration when choosing a medium for




31) Which would NOT be a consideration when choosing a medium for a superior delivering bad news to subordinates?;40) A presentation designed to entertain and validate the audience is a(n);A. goodwill presentation;B. informative presentation;C. persuasive presentation;D. oral presentation;41) You must explain to a group of employees the different pension funds they can now choose. You expect the group to have many questions because many of them will be retiring within ten years and want to maximize their retirement income. You should probably;A. give them written material to look at ahead of time and go over that material as part of your presentation.;B. give an oral presentation with lots of visuals.;C. send them each a written package of material and ask them to call if they have questions.;D. send them a package of self-explanatory written material and cover different material at the presentation.;42) A written message is preferable to an oral one when one of the goals is to;A. modify a proposal that may not be acceptable in its original form.;B. present extensive or complex financial data.;C. use emotion to help persuade the audience.;D. get an immediate action or response.;43) You are writing a report that recommends renovation projects in several buildings on your campus. The most appropriate organizational pattern would be;A. chronological.;B. functional.;C. pro and con.;D. geographic or spatial.;44) You are writing a report that explains the current duties of each person in your department. The most appropriate organizational pattern would be;A. chronological.;B. functional.;C. pro and con.;D. geographic or spatial.;45) If after completing your research you cannot prove the claim you originally hoped to make, which of the following is NOT an acceptable way to deal with the results?;A. Don't mention the negative data in the report.;B. In the final report identify changes that might yield a different result.;C. Summarize your negative findings in progress reports to let readers down gradually.;D. Remember that negative results are not always disappointing to the reader.;A. the superior?s desire not to have to deal with the situation;B. the complexity of the explanation;C. the relationship between the superior and subordinates;D. the severity of the message;32) Is the following sentence an appropriate ending for a credit rejection? "If we can assist you in the future, please contact us.;A. No, because offering to help a reader whom you have just rejected is clearly insincere;B. Yes, because it offers an alternative;C. No, because it is too wordy;D. Yes, because it ends on a positive note;33) Is "I am sure that you will agree with our decision" appropriate in a letter to a client in which you refuse a request?;A. No, because you should not assume that you know how the reader feels;B. Yes, because it will prevent psychological reactance;C. No, because the client will then feel silly for having made the request;D. Yes, as long as you had no choice about the decision you made;34) In a bad-news memo to subordinates, you should open with;A. an alternative.;B. a clear statement of the problem.;C. a request that the employees form teams to find a solution.;D. a buffer.;35) Which of the following is a negative subject line?;A. ?Results of Customer Service Survey?;B. ?Change in Personal Leave Policy?;C. ?Improving On-Time Performance?;D. ?Reduction of Travel Benefits?;36) When you are writing subject lines for negative messages to a superior, use a subject line that;A. avoids mentioning the problem altogether.;B. focuses on solving the problem.;C. asks the superior to handle the problem.;D. claims you have solved the problem.;37) In a bad-news message to a superior, you should describe what led to the problem;A. to pad the message so it does not upset the superior too much.;B. to show that the problem is really your boss's fault because you have not been given adequate resources.;C. so your superior can see that the problem is not your fault.;D. so he or she will have adequate information to determine if the solution you are going to propose is appropriate.;38) Which is an appropriate way for a subordinate to begin a message to her supervisor letting him know that the company has been fined due to safety violations in their department?;A. ?I think we ought to start taking measures to make our department safer.?;B. ?We received notice today that we are being fined $1,500 for being out of compliance with safety standards.?;C. ?Something horrible has happened!?;D. ?Our department has come so far this past year and there are only a few things left that we need to work on.?;39) Which of the following should NOT be included in a bad-news memo to your superior?;A. A request for approval for the solution you want to implement;B. The advantages and disadvantages of all the options if one is not clearly the best;C. The underlying factors that led to this specific problem;D. A buffer in the opening paragraph


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