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Management decision modeling Assignment Problem 5-14




Complete Problem 5-14. I have attached the spreadsheet with the Solver Model. You must create the Sensitivity Report and answer the questions in the textbook related to this assignment. Please put your answers on this spreadsheet;?Sensitivity Analysis overview?;;5-14.;Use the sensitivity report for this LP model provided. Answer the following questions. Each question being independent from one another.;A) What is the maximum unit cost that will make it worthwhile to include in the survey persons 30 years of age or younger who live in a border state??;B) What is the impact if MSA wants to increase the sample size to 3,000??;C) What is the impact if MSA insists on including people 31-50 years of age who do not live in a border state??;D) What is the impact if we can reduce the minimum 30 or younger persons required to 900, provided that we raise the persons 31-50 years or age to 650?


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