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Ethics and the conduct of business




Business Ethics;Part 1: Russell Gold a reporter for The Wall Street Journal wrote on April 28,2008 that;Halliburton is linked to Nigeria Bride Probe. This article stated that Government;investigators in a long-running bribery probe have evidence that agents of a construction;consortium led by Halliburton made payments to Nigerian officials, according to a;company regulatory filing Friday. The investigation has focused on payments made in;connection to the multibillion- dollar construction of the Bonny Island natural gas;liquefaction plant. But the government also has evidence that payments were also made;in connection with a separate project involving the construction of an offshore platform.;The investigation has expanded beyond the initial effort to determine whether $132;million paid by Halliburton to British lawyer was used to bride Nigerian officials. The;investigation has involved investigators in Nigeria, Switzerland, France, the United;Kingdom and the U.S has shown that payments have been made to former Nigerian;dictator Sani Abacha. Former Vice President Dick Chaney, former president of;Halliburton, feels that Halliburton should not be prosecuted for this matter as such would;be a waste of taxpayer dollars, harm the U.S in the war on terrorism, and would be;pointless in that any executive would most likely be given a pardon. Considering that;Halliburton is a major defense contractor involved in the war in Iraq, should this;company be prosecuted? Please provide your evaluation considering Act- and Rule Utilitarianism, Consequentialism, Right and Justice v. Monetary Value, Kantian;Ethics, And Social Responsibility? The Obama administration feels that Halliburton;should be prosecuted, and thus far did bring one executive to trial. Your thoughts and;rationale?;Part 2: Please view the film Walmart- the High Cost of Low Prices. Evaluate the ethics;positions represented by Walmart management. Please provide your evaluation;considering Act- and Rule - Utilitarianism, Consequentialism, Rights and Justice v.;Monetary Value, Kantian Ethics, and Social Responsibility? Also evaluate the;business practices evidenced in this movie considering Woman and Family Issues;Unjust Dismissal, Whistle-Blowing and International Business Ethics.;Part 3: I have observed that organizations which share a common viewpoint or shared;circumstances will often develop a group mentality. This tends to lead to a mob or;group/organizational mentality. As a member of these organizations, business units, or;groups individuals often will develop a sense of us vs. them thinking. Members of groups;generally have a duty of loyalty to the group and if you work for an organization you;indeed have a fiduciary duty to act in the businesss best interest. With the foregoing in;mind, what specific actions by your employer or by coworkers would cause you to blow;the whistle on the organization. What steps would you actually take in lieu of blowing;the whistle? Do you have any actual experiences or firsthand knowledge in this area? If;so, please describe?;Part 4: The term trade secret could be defined to be Anything about a business;activity not in the public domain that has some economic value to an organization or;business that would be beneficial to a competitor should they gain knowledge of;whatever it happens to be. If we look at Kentucky Fried Chickens eleven secret herbs;and spices we will discover that the formula is considered to be a trade secret. Various;courts have even ruled that such things as a list of customers would qualify as a trade;secret. As business managers the nature of the work requires that a relationship based on;mutual trust and respect be developed between you, other employees, stockholders, and;the public. This relationship is something to be valued and protected and the parties gain;(or lose) from this relationship. Please discuss the viewpoint of trade secrets within;your work experience. What should be considered a company trade secret vs. ownership;by the financial planner who developed/created whatever the applicable information;happens to be. Why? What determines ownership of the information?;Final Paper Learning outcomes: An understanding and appreciation of the;interrelationships of ethics and business. (Outcome: Field Specific Knowledge and;Experience) The ability to review various facts, to apply applicable ethical policy to these;facts, and determine a legally sound business decision. (Outcome: Creative and Critical;Thinking Skill, Written Communication, An integration Understanding of Cultural and;Global Diversity, Ethical and Professional Judgment, Evaluation) An appreciation of the;constraints and objective of ethical policies in meeting the needs of society and business.;(Outcome: Evaluation) The ability to articulate an explicit focus, find, analyze, and;evaluate sources, synthesize information to support their arguments, present arguments in;an engaging and coherent, style, appropriate to the conventions of standard U.S. English;and of the discipline of ethics, and to the nature of the work;(At least 10 pages)


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