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Scientific management disciplines believed that management principles




Question 1;Marks: 1;Scientific management disciplines believed that management principles should be based on ______________.;Choose one answer.;a. COMPUTER MODELING;b. MATHEMATICAL MODELING;c. RULES AND REGULATIONS;d. FACT AND OBSERVATION;Question 2;Marks: 1;Jim Costanzo is a new manager with Dell Computers. He believes that each employee in his division must receive instructions about a particular operation from only one person in order to avoid conflicting instructions and any confusion. According to Fayol, the _________ principle is being emphasized.;Choose one answer.;a. UNITY OF COMMAND;b. AUTHORITY;c. EQUITY;d. CENTRALIZATION;Question 3;Marks: 1;Which of the following environmental forces can represent significant threats or opportunities for an organization;Choose one answer.;a. financial resources;b. technological capabilities;c. competitors;d. all answers;Question 4;Marks: 1;is essential in order to work with people from other backgrounds.;Choose one answer.;a. OPENNESS AND SENSITIVITY;b. NEGOTIATION SKILLS;c. SOCIAL ETIQUETTE;d. APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE;Question 5;Marks: 1;Which of the following is LEAST important to new workers entering the job market;Choose one answer.;a. FLEXIBILITY IN TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT;b. MAKING A MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY;c. ABILITY TO EARN A GOOD LIVING;d. BEING APPRECIATED AND SUPPORTED BY MANAGEMENT;Question 6;Marks: 1;Juanita Brown is willing to make mistakes and accepts responsibility for her own actions. What dimension of the self-management competency is Brown exhibiting by her behavior;Choose one answer.;a. PERSONAL DRIVE AND RESILIENCE;b. INTEGRITY AND ETHICAL CONDUCT;c. BALANCING WORK;d. BALANCING LIFE ISSUES;Question 7;Marks: 1;Curtis Youngblood works for Buppy;Choose one answer.;a. EXTRAPOLATION;b. THE DELPHI TECHNIQUE;c. SIMULATIONS;d. SCENARIOS;Question 8;Marks: 1;Managers often complain that recent college graduates present and discuss only one solution when they receive project assignments. The college graduates are doing a poor job of __________.;Choose one answer.;a. COMPARING AND EVALUATING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS;b. STRATEGY FORMULATION;c. DEFINING THE PROBLEM;d. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION;Question 9;Marks: 1;Which of the following positions is typically NOT considered a manager;Choose one answer.;a. COMPUTER PROGRAMMER;b. COACH;c. CEO;d. CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER;Question 10;Marks: 1;Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, believes that its success is due to competitive spirit, ability to respond to customers' needs, and its ____________ process.;Choose one answer.;a. ORGANIZING;b. PLANNING;c. CONTROLLING;d. LEADING;Question 11;Marks: 1;Frederick Taylor thought that _____________.;Choose one answer.;a. A WELL LIGHTED WORKPLACE MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES TO WORK TO THEIR CAPACITY;b. FRINGE BENEFITS MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES TO WORK TO THEIR CAPACITY;c. PERIODIC REST BREAKS MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES TO WORK TO THEIR CAPACITY;d. MONEY MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES TO WORK TO THEIR CAPACITY;Question 12;Marks: 1;The major courses of action choices that an organization takes to achieve its goals are called __________.;Choose one answer.;a. STRATEGIES;b. TACTICAL PLANS;c. CONTINGENCY PLANS;d. OPERATIONAL PLANS;Question 13;Marks: 1;The Hawthorne studies established a concept called the Hawthorne Effect. In other words, _________________.;Choose one answer.;a. MANAGEMENT PRESSURE RATHER THAN GROUP DEMANDS HAS THE STRONGEST INFLUENCE ON WORKER;b. PRODUCTIVITY CANNOT BE AN OVERRIDING CONCERN OF MANAGEMENT;c. WHEN EMPLOYEES ARE GIVEN SPECIAL ATTENTION, PRODUCTIVITY IS LIKELY TO CHANGE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WORKING CONDITIONS CHANGE;d. LIGHTING CONDITIONS ARE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY;Question 14;Marks: 1;The most important managerial task performed by first-line managers is usually ______.;Choose one answer.;a. SCOUTING FOR POSSIBLE TAKE-OVER TARGETS;b. MANAGING MULTIPLE DEPARTMENTS;c. COORDINATING TEAMS;d. MANAGING INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE;Question 15;Marks: 1;The behavioral viewpoint, a 20th century phenomenon, was influenced by;Choose one answer.;a. WORLD WAR II;b. LABOR UNIONS;c. CIVIL RIGHTS;d. HIGHER EDUCATION;Question 16;Marks: 1;Andy Grove, CEO of Intel says, our assets leave on the elevator every night. He is referring to __________.;Choose one answer.;a. POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS;b. ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP;c. HUMAN CAPITAL;d. DIVERSITY;Question 17;Marks: 1;is the continuous process of ensuring that every aspect of production builds quality into the product.;Choose one answer.;a. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT TQM;b. SIX-SIGMA TECHNOLOGY;c. RE-ENGINEERING;d. THE DEMING PRIZE;Question 18;Marks: 1;Which of the following is NOT one of the basic rules that should be followed in a brainstorming session;Choose one answer.;a. QUANTITY IS WANTED;b. COMBINATION AND IMPROVEMENT ARE SOUGHT;c. FREEWHEELING IS WELCOMED;d. CRITICISM IS ENCOURAGED;Question 19;Marks: 1;The __________ strategy emphasizes competing in the industry by providing a product at a price as low as or lower than competitors.;Choose one answer.;a. DIVERSIFICATION;b. COST LEADERSHIP;c. DIFFERENTIATION;d. MULTIDOMESTIC;Question 20;Marks: 1;Many North American firms have backed away from conglomerate diversification by selling off __________.;Choose one answer.;a. UNRELATED BUSINESSES;b. DOMINANT BUSINESSES;c. NICHE PRODUCT BUSINESSES;d. RELATED BUSINESSES;Question 21;Marks: 1;The expected benefits of bureaucratic management are ___________ and ___________.;Choose one answer.;a. RULESand REGULATIONS;b. EFFICIENCYand EFFECTIVENESS;c. POLICIESand PROCEDURES;d. EFFICIENCY and CONSISTENCY;Question 22;Marks: 1;There have been a number of demographic changes in the United States. For instance, by 2012 the percentage of women and people of color in the workforce is expected to _____.;Choose one answer.;a. INCREASE GREATLY;b. ACTUALLY DECLINE;c. INCREASE SLIGHTLY;d. STAY THE SAME;Question 23;Marks: 1;Karen Sweden is well thought of by her peers within the retail industry. Sweden thinks that subordinates should be involved in the decision-making process whenever they are affected by a decision. Sweden adopted this philosophy after studying __________.;Choose one answer.;a. LILLIAN TAYLOR;b. JOAN WOODWARD;c. ELTON MAYO;d. MARY PARKER FOLLETT;Question 24;Marks: 1;After a drug has been approved, the Food and Drug Administration continues to monitor the drug and may require additional testing or removal of the drug from the marketplace, which could cost a company billions of dollars. This is an example of __________ that can affect the profitability of firms in an industry.;Choose one answer.;a. LAWSUITS;b. GOVERNMENT REGULATION;c. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION;d. CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS;Question 25;Marks: 1;Someone in an organization who turns new ideas into profitable realities is known as an __________.;Choose one answer.;a. CORPORATE ENTREPRENEUR;b. VENTURE CAPITALIST;c. NONE;d. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST;Question 26;Marks: 1;Domestic instability and corruption are components of _____________.;Choose one answer.;a. POLITICAL CLIMATE;b. POLITICAL RISK;c. FOREIGN CONFLICT;d. ECONOMIC RISK;Question 27;Marks: 1;Deming believed that poor quality is _____ percent a management problem and _____ percent a worker problem.;Choose one answer.;a. 60 and 40;b. 15 and 85;c. 50 and 50;d. 85 and 15;Question 28;Marks: 1;Managers in Mexico use ___________ to motivate employees to a greater extent than managers in the United States.;Choose one answer.;a. COERCIVE POWER;b. NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT;c. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT;d. LEGITIMATE POWER;Question 29;Marks: 1;The likelihood that a specific outcome will occur, based on personal judgment and beliefs, is known as __________ probability.;Choose one answer.;a. STRATEGIC;b. SUBJECTIVE;c. OBJECTIVE;d. RATIONAL;Question 30;Marks: 1;Texas Union Gas and Electric provides utilities for three counties. The company recently started drilling its own gas wells in order to gain control over price and availability of product for its pipelines. Texas Union is following a strategy of __________.;Choose one answer.;a. BACKWARD INTEGRATION;b. FORWARD INTEGRATION;c. HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION;d. CONGLOMERATE DIVERSIFICATION;Question 31;Marks: 1;Ford has redesigned the Ford Explorer with many new features. Ford is following a __________ strategy.;Choose one answer.;a. PRODUCT REENGINEERING;b. MARKET ALLIANCE;c. PRODUCT AMALGAMATION;d. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT;Question 32;Marks: 1;Potential investors for a new automated car wash facility want the owners to generate a step-by-step outline of how the owners will transform the idea of a car wash into a reality. In other words, the investors want a __________.;Choose one answer.;a. BALANCE SHEET;b. BUSINESS PLAN;c. SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS STATEMENT;d. STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS;Question 33;Marks: 1;An __________ should encourage the organization members to think and act strategically;Choose one answer.;a. MISSION STATEMENT;b. HRM STATEMENT;c. OPERATIONAL TACTIC;d. CONTINGENCY PLAN;Question 34;Marks: 1;Dunkin Donuts, one of the largest coffee and baked goods chains in the world, recently made an _________ decision when they decided to partially imitate Starbucks and other firms.;Choose one answer.;a. ADAPTIVE;b. INNOVATIVE;c. ROUTINE;d. COOPERATIVE;Question 35;Marks: 1;In a recent poll, most people identified _________ as the biggest threat to U. S. jobs.;Choose one answer.;a. INCREASED IMPORTS;b. IMMIGRATION;c. CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR;d. POOR QUALITY OF DOMESTIC PRODUCTS;Question 36;Marks: 1;When Lois Dimpfel, vice president of IBM Worldwide Olympic Technology Systems, was organizing the team to bring the Salt Lake City Games to millions of TV viewers, she was primarily involved in the _______________ managerial function.;Choose one answer.;a. CONTROLLING;b. ORGANIZING;c. PLANNING;d. LEADING;Question 37;Marks: 1;The notorious unethical and often illegal practices by some the top executives at Enron and Tyco have resulted in all of the following EXCEPT;Choose one answer.;a. LOSS OF JOBS BY EMPLOYEES;b. BANKRUPTCY;c. JAIL TIME FOR WHISTLE-BLOWERS;d. MASSIVE FINANCIAL LOSSES FOR SHAREHOLDERS;Question 38;Marks: 1;Erin Turner believes a well-defined organizational structure helps control employee behavior. Each employee will know where he or she stands in relation to everyone else in the organization. This is characteristic of __________.;Choose one answer.;a. HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE;b. RATIONALITY;c. IMPERSONALITY;d. DIVISION OF LABOR;Question 39;Marks: 1;Managers and employees alike should not have personal interests that conflict with the organization achievement of its goals. Conflicts of interest, however, can sometimes be difficult to judge. Which of the following is especially susceptible to conflicts of interest;Choose one answer.;a. A PURCHASING AGENT WHO HAS A SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL INTEREST IN ONE OF THE FIRM;b. AMERICAN MANAGERS DOING BUSINESS WITH CO-OWNERS GLOBALLY.;c. all answers;d. EMPLOYEES OF AN ACCOUNTING FIRM WHO OWN STOCK IN COMPANIES THAT THE FIRM AUDITS.;Question 40;Marks: 1;Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was known for his ability to motivate and influence his followers. In fact, many of his followers even suspended their own judgment while working for Dr. King. This illustrates Dr. King exercise of _____________ authority.;Choose one answer.;a. REFERENT;b. CHARISMATIC;c. RATIONAL-LEGAL;d. TRADITIONAL;Question 41;Marks: 1;The ______________ supports the distributive justice principle by making it illegal to pay different wages to women and men when their jobs require equal skill, effort, and responsibility and are performed under similar working conditions.;Choose one answer.;a. U.S. EQUAL PAY ACT OF 1963;b. TITLE IV OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964;c. SARBANES-OXLEY ACT;d. TITLE VII OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964;Question 42;Marks: 1;Ball Corporation has the goal to achieve 10 to 15 percent annual growth in earnings per share. This is an example of an __________ goal.;Choose one answer.;a. TACTICAL;b. OPERATIONAL;c. GENERAL;d. AFFECTIVE;Question 43;Marks: 1;One of Southwest Airlines goals is to get consumers to fly on trips of about 100 to 700 miles instead of driving. Southwest is focusing on __________.;Choose one answer.;a. establishing supplier bargaining power;b. establishing a substitute good or service;c. establishing customer bargaining power;d. identifying the threat of new competitors;Question 44;Marks: 1;Employees who report unethical or illegal actions of their employers to other people or organizations that are capable of taking corrective action are referred to as ________.;Choose one answer.;a. SCABS;b. CORPORATE WATCHDOGS;c. WHISTLE-BLOWERS;d. SNITCHES;Question 45;Marks: 1;integration occurs when a company acquires a competitor to consolidate and extend its market share.;Choose one answer.;a. FORWARD;b. HORIZONTAL;c. BACKWARD;d. CONGLOMERATE;Question 46;Marks: 1;is the degree to which assertiveness and the acquisition of money and material things are valued, as well as the degree of indifferences to othersquality of life.;Choose one answer.;a. MASCULINITY;b. INDIVIDUALISM;c. FEMININITY;d. COLLECTIVISM;Question 47;Marks: 1;Phyllis Chang is the information systems manager for a large bank. Her department processes large amounts of standardized information, uses routine and stable technology, and has stable and known customer needs. It would be most effective for Chang to use the _______________ managerial viewpoint.;Choose one answer.;a. BUREAUCRATIC;b. CONTINGENCY;c. SCIENTIFIC;d. ADMINISTRATIVE;Question 48;Marks: 1;When John Quinn has to make decisions concerning problems that are both ambiguous and unusual, he makes decisions under a condition of __________.;Choose one answer.;a. RISK;b. UNCERTAINTY;c. OBJECTIVE PROBABILITY;d. SUBJECTIVE PROBABILITY;Question 49;Marks: 1;A high degree of __________ would cause employees to avoid disagreements with their bosses.;Choose one answer.;a. POWER DISTANCE;b. UNCERTAINTY AVOIDANCE;c. COLLECTIVIST CULTURE;d. FEMININITY;Question 50;Marks: 1;NAFTA was expected to ______________________.;Choose one answer.;a. MAKE ALL TRADE BETWEEN THE U.S., MEXICO, AND CANADA TARIFF FREE;b. REDUCE AND ELIMINATE MOST NONTARIFF BARRIERS;c. REDUCE AND ELIMINATE NUMEROUS TARIFFS;d. A AND B ONLY;Question 51;Marks: 1;Linda Thompson has recently been promoted to a middle manager with Fargo Industries. She wanted to know what task most middle managers considered important. She found out that the key task was ______________.;Choose one answer.;a. MANAGING GROUP PERFORMANCE AND ALLOCATING RESOURCES;b. COORDINATING TEAMS;c. MANAGING INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE;d. REPRESENTING ONE SUBORDINATES;Question 52;Marks: 1;Ainsley Vannaman needs to make a decision on whether to expand her business to a second location. She assembles a panel of experts including ten members from her chamber of commerce, her accountant, and three professors of strategic management at a local university. The group refined their opinions through a series of questionnaires, step by step, until they reached a consensus that Vannaman should expand to the second location. This decision is an example of __________.;Choose one answer.;a. GROUPTHINK;b. SCENARIOS;c. THE DELPHI TECHNIQUE;d. EXTRAPOLATION;Question 53;Marks: 1;The primary purpose of a tariff is to __________.;Choose one answer.;a. CREATE TAX REVENUE;b. SUBSIDIZE DOMESTIC INDUSTRIES;c. CREATE A EVEL PLAYING FIELD;d. RAISE THE PRICE OF IMPORTED GOODS;Question 54;Marks: 1;The __________ strategy involves seeking growth in current markets with current products.;Choose one answer.;a. MARKET ALLIANCE;b. MARKET PENETRATION;c. MARKET VENTURE;d. MARKET DEVELOPMENT;Question 55;Marks: 1;Most organizations find that assessing their __________ is easier than assessing their __________.;Choose one answer.;a. STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES;b. THREATS and OPPORTUNITIES;c. OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS;d. WEAKNESSES and STRENGTHS;Question 56;Marks: 1;permits companies to maintain marketing control while passing along many of the costs, risks, and responsibilities.;Choose one answer.;a. EXPORTING;b. OUTSOURCING;c. PRIVATE LABELING;d. FRANCHISING;Question 57;Marks: 1;is a set of international standards that define the requirements for an effective quality management system.;Choose one answer.;a. ECO-MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT SCHEME;b. BALDRIGE QUALITY PROGRAMS;c. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT;d. ISO 9000;Question 58;Marks: 1;Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, says that __________ is the most important part of his job.;Choose one answer.;a. ATTRACTING AND RECRUITING EMPLOYEES;b. REDUCING TURNOVER;c. MAXIMIZING STAKEHOLDER PROFITS;d. DEVELOPING AND MOTIVATING PEOPLE;Question 59;Marks: 1;Lets assume Domino Pizza threatened to bake its own bread, grow its own tomatoes, and raise its own hogs as a source for sausage and pepperoni to get lower prices and better quality for its inputs. This would represent __________ integration.;Choose one answer.;a. BACKWARD;b. FORWARD;c. HORIZONTAL;d. VERTICAL;Question 60;Marks: 1;When country A grants a tariff concession to country B, the same concession automatically applies to all other countries that are members of the World Trade Organization. This is known as the __________ principle.;Choose one answer.;a. COLLABORATIVE;b. MOST FAVORED NATION;c. RECIPROCITY;d. TRANSPARENCY


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