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You work at Allegiance Commercial Real Estate Services




Hypothetical situation: You work at Allegiance Commercial Real Estate Services and overhear a conversation in the lunch room, where a female executive assistant confides to her friend that her boss (and yours), the Designated Broker for the company, intends to manipulate the new real estate listings with the company over the next 90 days to insure that he can take them with him without legal liability when he resigns and opens his own commercial real estate company. Your boss has already told you, an aggressive sales agent, that you are part of his team and that he would like you to come with him as his senior executive assistant at the new company. This information about manipulating his listings is new to you, however.;Do you advise your present employer?;Do you go with your boss when he leaves?;Is there any middle ground here?;Evaluation of possible alternatives and any assumptions made with regard to the scenario


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