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Cyber Security Powerpoint Presentation




Cyber Security Power Point Presentation Using the information you learned from Modules 1 and 2, create a Powerpoint presentation and address the four items below. Each item should be 1 - 2 slides. Use the notes section of the presentation to address the information on the slide. Remember, I will be reading your slides without any soundtrack (you can add one if you want) so the presentation should stand alone. That means I should be able to read your notes pages as if you were giving me the presentation. You can add audio if you want. Your presentation should also have a title page, agenda, and a reference slide. Be creative with your presentation. I do not believe pure bullet slides are appropriate at the college and/or professional level.;1. Identify the various ways that agency or organization security policies can be influenced.;2. Compare and contrast the difference between legislation and other regulatory documents, i.e., guidance, standards, directives, executive orders, etc.;3. Discuss the standards in legislation and other regulatory instruments that require compliance by an organization;4. Develop policies to comply with requisite information security standards.;Rubric;Content and Analysis 60 points;-Student addressed the four required elements in the presentation.;-The presentation includes an accurate description of all four elements.;-All ideas are clear, original, and focused.;-Sufficient information is included on the slides. Information clearly relates to the four elements and includes several supporting details and/or examples.;-The presenter does not read any of the slides as part of the narrative.;-The notes section is accurate and enables the presentation to completely stand on its own.;Presentation Format 20 points;-Presentation uses 8 - 12 slides.;-Presentation contains at least 1 slide for each of the four elements.;- Presentation has a title page, agenda, summary, and reference slide.;-Every slide in the presentation has notes.;Clarity and APA 20 points;-The presentation includes at least three (3) scholarly sources in addition to the course module reference.;-The slide content and notes pages have less than three grammar/spelling errors.;-The content is clear and concise - leaving no unanswered questions.;-All of the references on the reference slide match the in-text citations and all are properly cited in APA style.;-All of the in-text citations accurately adhere to APA style.


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