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Share examples of when each of these methods should be used.




Discussion 1;Share examples of when each of these methods should be used. Defend your selection.;1. Direct Installation "Cold Turkey;2. Parallel Installation (Old system runs with the new);3. Single Location "Pilot Approach;4. Phases Installation "staged Incremental;Discussion 2;If you have not been part of a system implementation, what would you do as the lead system designer to insure the;implementation went smoothly?;Contracts n procurement;Discussion 1;Conflict resolution and conflict management is a common day to day activity in most projects and office;environments. As a group, let's identify the top five sources of conflict in a BPO agreement for project management;services. Let's identify one source at a time and discuss whether or not each of you feels it ranks in the top five;sources of conflict. As I read your exchanges, I will make a determination as to whether or not enough evidence has;been provided to justify its inclusion into our top five list.;Discussion 2;There are several ways to benchmark. Two most common benchmarking tools are "performance benchmarking" and;best practice benchmarking." Consider a nationwide bank who has contracted with a seller to assess its current;staffing and facility locations. The goal of the contract is for the seller to produce a strategic plan that creates cost;efficiencies for the bank by recommending (and implementing) areas to consolidate among staff and facilities. (One;recommendation may be to close down a bank branch that is located within three miles of another bank branch.);This is a long-term contract stretched out over 5 years. If you were the Project Manager in the Bank, what;benchmarks would you compare your seller to? Are they performance benchmarks or best practices benchmarks?


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