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Organizational Theory and Development




short essay for each question.;Question 1;Are the most organizations appropriate for a matrix structure? What management principle is;violated by using a matrix structure? What conditions usually have to be present before an;organization should adopt a matrix structure?;Question 2;Why is shared information so important in a learning organization as compared to an efficient;performance organization? Discuss how an organizations approach to information-sharing might;be related to other element of organization design, such as structure, task, strategy and culture.;Question 3;The manager of a consumer products firm said, We use the brand manager position to train;future executives. Do you think the brand manager position is a good training ground?;Discuss.;Question 4;Assume you are the manager of a small firm that is dependent on a large computer;manufacturing customer that uses the resource dependence perspective. Put yourself in the;position of the small firm, and describe what actions you should take to survive and succeed.;What actions would you take from the perspective of the large firm?;Question 5;Traditional values in Mexico support high power distance and a low tolerance for uncertainty.;What would you predict about a company that opens a division in Mexico and tries to;implement global teams characterized by shared power and authority and the lack of formal;guidelines, rules and structure


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