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Assignment #5 ? Library Navigation




College 100;Assignment #5 ? Library Navigation;Description;In this assignment, you are beginning the exciting stage of researching and gathering resources;for your final paper in the course. Additionally, your work performed for the Library Navigation;assignment will help you prepare for the two assignments in Week 5. Before beginning this;assignment, please read through this week?s Lesson, including the Reading and Resources;section of Week 4 Lessons.;Directions;For this assignment, you will be completing several steps that will help you in navigating through;the APUS Online Library and its vast resources, in searching for and locating resources for your;final paper, and in creating the reference page entries following proper APA formatting for your;chosen sources. Begin preparing for your assignment by watching brief videos created by the;APUS Online Library to assist you in locating trustworthy resources. Then, you will use the;information you learned from the videos to identify, analyze, and synthesize your research.;Visit the COLL 100 Course Guide at On the Home;page of the site locate and click on the ?library tour? inside the ?Welcome to the COLL100;Course Guide!? box. View all five videos ? ?Start here!?, ?Articles?, ?eBooks?, ?Websites?, and;?Library Help? and address the questions for the assignment. Scripts are available for each;video under the ?Need a transcript?? section of the web page.;After review of the library tour videos please use this template to answer the following five;questions;1. Watch the ?Start here!? video first then, based on what you learned from the video, explain;the deep web.;2. After viewing the second video, "Articles", using the databases in the Library, find and review;one article that you plan to use for your final paper. Then, address the following;Include the reference page entry for the article. Please follow the proper APA formatting for;this. A journal article reference page entry should follow the example or a similar format. For;more examples regarding APA formatting for online sources such as articles, please view the;Purdue OWL and the APUS ePress APA Style Guide. Scroll to the bottom of this page to locate;citation examples.;Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume;number(issue number), page range. doi: number;3. After viewing the third video, "eBooks", find one eBook, chapter, or selection of an eBook that;you plan to incorporate into your final paper.;Include the reference page entry for the eBook. Please follow the proper formatting. A book;should follow the example below. For more examples regarding APA formatting for online;sources such as articles, please view the Purdue OWL and scroll down to the section on;eBooks.;Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Retrieved from;;4. After viewing the fourth video, "Websites", use a course guide or iSeek to locate a website;that you will use for your final paper.;Include the reference page entry for the website that you have located, following the proper;format;Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved from http://Web;address;5. Finally, after viewing the final video, ?Library Help?, explain how you can ask a question if you;have one while using the library.;Once you have completed these questions please save the Library Navigation Template with;your answers to your computer or mobile device. Please name your file;YourLastName_LibraryNavigation.doc or.docx;After saving your document please upload and submit your work.;assignmenthrmt;Part of your educational journey in college is to declare a major, the program and subject;you want to study during your time at APUS. Just as each program has specified courses;for you to take in order to become proficient in your field, each program adheres to a;particular format style of writing. Groups of professions and fields have adopted preexisting styles of writing. Those going into fields connected to English utilize one format;and style of writing in order for all those that work in the field writes, cites, and publishes;the material in the same way. This standard is true for those in medical fields, in science;in history, and for all the professions.;During Week 5 we have explored ?Writing to the Code? in our readings, our lesson, and;in the forums. From our lessons you have become aware there are different format styles;for writing such as APA, MLA, and Chicago for example. In College 100 we introduce;you to the APA (American Psychological Association) format style of writing and have;adopt this standard for page formatting, writing format, and citation and references. In;your next set of courses you may find yourself using one style of format writing in one;class and another in a different class. This is due to that subject being aligned with a;particular program of study and profession. As you read published works from various;fields of study in those classes you will begin to recognize the formatting style of writing;utilized in articles and studies for certain fields.;For this assignment you will learn which format style your intended profession has;adopted in order to recognize the standard in your field as well as to begin learning that;style of writing and other format standards to be successful in your APUS classes.;Directions;?;Identify your declared major/program of study.;?;Go to the APUS Online Library page Style Guides at APUS. If you are taken to a;log in screen use your student ID to enter the page or click the Library link on the;left hand side navigation tool bar in the classroom then go back to the Style;Guide link.;?;Review the Style Guides at APUS page and locate your program and the style;adopted by your field of study.;?;Investigate the Style Guide for your program and determine a few similarities and;differences (if any) between that format style of writing and APA - the style you;are being introduced to in College 100.;In the Submission Text box for the assignment please do the following;?;State your declared major/program of study.;?;State the Style Guide used for your field of study.;?;List one difference you can find between APA and the format style for your;program. If you will be using APA in your field of study, share one new formatting;fact you learned about APA style.;assignmenthrmt;Second question;In this assignment you will create a Title Page and Reference Page using a template;provided in this section of the class.;As you know, the first step to creating any properly formatted paper is to create a title;page. A title page is the first page your readers will see. The reference page is the last;item your readers see. This page provides the sources used to support your paper. It is;very important this page be formatted correctly for both your citation acknowledging;another author's work and for your reader to be able to locate the original source for;further exploration on the topic.;(I have attached the file for library navigation to for you to do also);In Week 4 you completed a Library Navigation assignment to help you locate, review;and create the citations for reference sources for your final paper. This week you are to;build upon those sources adding any new resources you plan to use in your final paper;and develop your reference page.;Directions;Before starting this assignment, please review the ?Basics of APA Style Tutorial? video;the ?APA Format Citations-Sixth (6th) Edition? video, as well as the ?How to Format a;Reference Page? PowerPoint provided in the Week 5 Lesson section of the classroom.;If you have a question about the assignment, please ask your class Professor before;uploading your submission.;For the Title Page;Click the link Final Paper Template, open the file, then save the paper template to your;desktop or mobile device. Complete the title page and include the Running head, the title;of your final paper, and your name, class name, university name, and instructor?s name.;A traditional APA 6th edition title page would not include your class, university, or;instructor?s names however these are included for our purposes in College 100.;For the Reference Page;With the Final Paper Template you are utilizing for the first part of this assignment, the;Title Page, create a second page. On this second page, which will become the last page(s);of your final paper, create an APA 6th edition reference page following the format;illustrated in the Week 5 Lesson. Place each of the references you plan to use for your;final paper in the document. List at least three references in the reference page utilizing;the sources located using the Library Navigation assignment from Week 4 and any;additional references you have found for your paper.;Align the reference citations using APA 6th edition format, checking for correct formatting;based on the Lesson information provided to you, list in alphabetical order, apply the;assignmenthrmt;same text font and style (Times New 12 point), double space all text in your document;and use hanging indents for the individual citations.;Once you have created your APA 6th edition Title Page and the Reference Page following;the template and utilizing what you learned in the Lessons for Week 5 on APA formatting;click File/Save As on your computer. Rename the document as the following;Lastname_finalpaper.doc. In place of ?Lastname? insert your own last name and then resave. You will use this document for this and two other assignments and as such please;ensure you can easily locate the file on your computer or mobile device.


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