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BIS 155 Week 3 Quiz.............(BIS 155 Advanced PC Applications with Lab - DeVry)




(TCO 4) If there are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time but might be needed later,_ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only the essential information. (Points:2);(TCO 4) In Excel, the print area is defined as _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) When sorting in Excel, it arranges records in a table _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) Filtering the Cost column (field) to show only records greater than $10,000 is......__. (Points:2);(TCO 4) To create a new Conditional Formatting Rule, _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) In addition to sorting and filtering cells by content, you can sort and/or filter by _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) When data is grouped, the margin area displays the _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) A _____ allows you to identify relationships between variables in your data. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) Data mining techniques such as PivotTables can detect _____ of data. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) A faster way to expand all categories at one time is to click _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) Data displayed in the PivotTable will be updated _____. (Points: 2);(TCO 4) A quick way to display the Go to dialog box is to press the _____ key(s). (Points: 2);(TCO 4) After a PivotChart has been created, the PivotTable Settings can still be changed....___.(Points:2);(TCO 4) To build a PivotTable and PivotChart at the same time, click the PivotTable arrow......__. (Points:2);(TCO 4) Which of the following will NOT delete a PivotChart? (Points: 2)


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