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SAINT Com424 module 1 and module 2 discussions-Why is the topic of project management getting more attention lately




Question;Module 1 Discussion;1. Why is the topic of project management getting more attention lately?;2. What do you think about the CHAOS study's definition of a successful project? Do you think there are better definitions of success besides meeting scope, time, and cost goals?;3. Can recent college graduates expect to be project managers right away? What is a typical career path for a project manager?;4. Many people have a hard time taking a systems view when it comes to managing projects. Why do you think this is the case? What can be done to help people take a systems view?;5. Do you think it is harder to manage an IT project or a traditional project such as building construction? Justify your response.;6. Some of the adaptive approaches to developing systems are becoming more popular. Are they better or more appropriate than perspective approaches in most cases? Why or why not?;(Note: You need to answer all the questions for each week's discussion questions.);Module 2 Discussion;1. What does research suggest as a best practice for how much time should be spent in initiating and planning activities for projects? Do you think that estimate is realistic? Why or why not?;2. Why do you think organizations should develop their own information technology project management methodologies? Why can't they just follow a book or a methodology that has already been developed?;3. Do you think the case study is based on real or fictitious information? Which parts of the case study seem the most real, and which seem the most fictitious?


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