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Which of the following is FALSE?




1. The distinction between primary and secondary data is __________. (Points: 1);the method of collection;the purpose of the investigation for which it is being collected;the form used for collection;the type of data collected;the group sponsoring the collection;2. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, wants to increase the sales of Dallas Mavericks merchandise. His marketing manager gathers information on how other teams in the NBA, like the LA Lakers, increased their merchandise sales. This information on the LA Lakers is known as __________. (Points: 1);primary data;stealing data;secondary data;irrelevant data;None of the above;3. An entrepreneur is able to analyze traffic patterns and consumer demographics (including income, ethnicity, age) to identify the best site for her new upscale Italian restaurant. Mapping software, often called ________, allows her to easily combine demographic data with geographic information. (Points: 1);marketing information system;management information system;business locator software;geographic information system;None of the above


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