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SAINT Com203 module 7 quiz




Question;Given the URL,, which of the following is the file name with extension?;/classics/;html;http://;main.html;;Question 2. Question;Web pages are text files, formatted using a standard set of tags called which of the following?;FTP;HTML;INTP;LaTex;WWW;Question 3. Question;Which component of a search engine pulls keywords from web pages and stores then in the database?;Comparator;Database;Search Engine Indexer;Query Processor;Web Crawler;Comments;Question 4. Question;Which term refers to a rating of a web page based on the quality and quantity of links it contains?;Anchor Weight;Gunning Fog Index;Link Popularity;Link Power Score;IN Link Quality Index;Comments;Question 5. Question;Which type of e-commerce business model is Amazon dot Com?;B2B (Business to Business);B2C (Business to Consumer);B2G (Business to Government);C2C (Consumer to Consumer);G2C (Government to Consumer);Comments;Question 6. Question;Which type of e-commerce business model are Craigslist dot Com and Ebay dot Com?;B2B (Business to Business);B2C (Business to Consumer);B2G (Business to Government);C2C (Consumer to Consumer);G2C (Government to Consumer);Comments;Question 7. Question;Which process converts binary files, such as digital photos and sound files, into ASCII code based text which can be sent as an e-mail attachment and travel over the Internet with text based data?;ASCII Encoding;B2A Conversion;Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME);Text Representing Binary Data (TRBD);ZA Encoding;Comments;Question 8. Question;Which term refers to e-mail which contains HTML tags to format the text with fonts, colors, and effects and embed graphics?;ASCII Mail;Extended Format Mail;HTML Mail;XML Mail;Web Mail;Comments;Question 9. Question;Which type of cookie tracks a user's browsing pattern and uses it to pick targeted, custom advertisements?;Ad Serving Cookie;Bread Crumb;Chart Cookie;Tolle Haus Cookie;Web Bug;Comments;Question 10. Question;Which type of computer crime is the "Nigerian political refugee letter"?;Ad Serving Cookie;Pharming;Phishing;Spam;Web Bug;Comments;Question 11. Question;Which event has been cited to justify the erosion Fourth Amendment rights mandating judicial oversight for law enforcement to access for email or place wiretraps?;Iran Contra Affair;Roswell Incident;Teapot Dome Scandal;Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001;Watergate Scandal;Comments;Question 12. Question;How many bits of data may an RFID tag contain?;1 to 4 bits;4 to 8 bits;8 to 32 bits;64 to 128 bits;256 to 1,024 bits;Comments


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