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SAINT COM203 MODULE 5 QUIZ 5-Which term refers to a 32 bit binary number




Which term refers to a 32 bit binary number, often written as four groups of decimal numbers separated by commas, which potentially changeable, and is used to identify a network device on the Internet?;DHD Coordinate;IP Address;MAC (Media Access Control) Address;Network Address Translation;IN Uniform Resource Locator;Points Received: 0 of 10;Comments;Question 2. Question;Which is the official term for parcels of data which are sent across a computer network and contain some data, the addresses of its sender and destination, and a sequence number?;Data Wave;Encapsulated Posted File;Packet;Pipeline;Transfer Unit;Comments;Question 3. Question;Which type of WI-FI configuration allows all devices to broadcast directly to each other?;WIreless Ad Hoc;Wireless Discovery Mode;Wireless Filibuster Mode;Wireless Infrastructure;Wireless Token Ring;Comments;Question 4. Question;Which communication media does Blue Tooth use?;Category 5 or 6 Twisted Pair Cable;Infrared Light;Optical Cable;Radio Waves;Visible Light;Question 5. Question;Which technology makes intercepted WI-FI signals useless to eavesdroppers/interceptors?;Cyclical Redundancy Checks (CRC);Electronic Countermeasures;Error ing Codes;Firewalls;Wireless Encryption;Question 6. Question;Which type of network device connects two different types of networks?;Network Collective;Network Gateway;Network Hub;Network Switch;Network Router;Question 7. Question;In Windows 7, which of the following is a collection of trusted networked computers that automatically share files and folders?;Access group;Collective group;Home group;Trust group;Work group;Comments;Question 8. Question;Which term refers to allowing other computers on a LAN to use the printer connected to your workstation?;Collective Printer Access;Printer Deprivatization;Printer Multiplexing;Printer Sharing;Virtual Printers;Comments;Question 9. Question;Which size length of cryptographic bit key would require the longest to break?;8 bits;16 bits;64 bits;256 bits;1,024 bits;Comments;Question 10. Question;Which is the official term of the encoded text of a message after it has been encrypted?;Cipher text;Clear text;Plaintext;Safetext;Transformed text;Points Received: 0 of 10;Comments;Question 11. Question;Which brand of hand held devices was found in 2011 to keep time stamped, triangulated position data, essentially keeping a log of the location of the user carrying them?;Kindle E-Reader;Apple iPad;Apple iPhone;Nook E-Reader;Sportsman's Diving Watches;Comments;Question 12. Question;Which term refers to the use of Internet and Computers to deliver courses when the instructor and student are not in the same physical location?;Computer Aided Instruction (CAI);Computer Aided Learning (CAL);Computer Based Training (CBT);Distance Education/Distance Learning;Learning Management Software (LMS);Comments


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