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research and gather information on the following economic indicators:




research and gather information on the following economic indicators;a) GDP;b) CPI;c) Nonfarm payroll employment;d) Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization;e) Advance Report on Durable Goods Shipments, New Orders, and Unfilled Orders;f) Housing Starts;g) Retail Sales;h) S&P 500 Stock Index;2) Based on this information the student will write 200 words about;b) Expectations of economic, financial and international conditions for the near future,;That would be the US and I am attaching a document that might help with this.;Thanks;Attachment Preview;HELP+IN+FINDING+ECONOMIC+DATA.doc;There are valuable resources available to you in the University Library and on the Internet to;facilitate research. These materials should prove to be valuable resources for you as you work on;your projects while you are a student at University of Phoenix. The University Library offers some;good sources of information. In the University Library select Country Profiles and Economic Data.;These resources include CountryWatch, Culturegrams, EIU Country Intelligence, EIU Data;Services, EIU Viewswire, Euromonitor Global Market Information Database, National Trade;Data Bank, Political Risk Yearbook, and State of the Nation. You should click on View All;Databases Alphabetically to view more resources. Among other resources you will find the;following, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Papers, Business;Insights, Datamonitor Business Information Center, Dun & Bradstreet Key Business;Ratios, EBSCOhost,, Euromonitor Global Market Information Database;Policy Central, Reference USA. The descriptions provided immediately below include quotes;from the University Library;1.;CountryWatch combines information from a variety of sources into one easy-to-use;format. Statistics, breaking news, and overviews are available for virtually all of the worlds;nations. This resource is recommended for courses in geography and international;business.;2.;Culturegrams provides concise, reliable cultural information for more than 175 countries;of the world. Each entry includes detailed information about history, customs, lifestyle, and;government. This resource is recommended for courses in geography, history, international;business, and bilingual education.;3.;EIU Country Intelligence provides in-depth coverage of countries throughout the world.;Specific components of EIU Country Intelligence include Country Commerce, Country;Finance, Country Profiles, and Country Reports. This resource is recommended for;courses in international business. Available here are the following reports for, for example;the United States, Country Commerce, Country Finance, Country Profile, Country Report.;The Country Report includes forecasts for important economic indicators such as, real;GDP, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and exchange rates.;4.;EIU Data Services features two components: EIU Country Data, a comprehensive;database of economic indicators and forecasts, covering 278 series for 117 countries, as;well as 40 regional aggregates, running from 1980 and forecasting out five years, and EIU;Market Indicators & Forecasts, a powerful database of economic, demographic;consumption and industry data on 60 major countries, stretching back to 1990 and forward;five years.;5.;EIU Viewswire provides current coverage of political and economic trends in 195;countries. Risk analysis and economic forecasts are provided for virtually all nations. The;University Library's Viewswire subscription now includes the Riskwire and Industrywire;services. This resource is recommended for courses in international business. Forecasts;are available for selected countries and a global outlook as well.;6.;The Euromonitor Global Market Information Database (GMID) is an integrated online;information system providing key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets;and consumers. Components include country statistics, market data, lifestyle indicators;country profiles, and company overviews.;7.;National Trade Data Bank, an important resource from the United Stated Department of;Commerce, is particularly valuable for information about exporting and international;markets. This resource is recommended for courses in international business.;8.;The Political Risk Yearbook documents political trends in 106 countries with particular;emphasis on risks that could affect business conditions and investments. This resource is;recommended for courses in international business.;9.;State of the Nation provides various financial and economic data from throughout the;federal government and other related entities. This resource is recommended for courses in;economics and finance.;10.;The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Papers database;contains original research from 1994 to the present on a variety of topics in all aspects of;economics. This resource is recommended for advanced courses in business and;economics. This valuable resource allows you to view sites including the Economic;Report of the President, Economic Indicators, and the Congressional Budget Office.;Economic Indicators is an excellent source historical data for key economic indicators. The;Congressional Budget Office is a very good general resource and includes detailed;economic forecasts.;11.;Business Insights, formerly known as Reuters Business Insight offers in-depth research;reports regarding industries, marketing, and technologies. This database is recommended;for courses in business and technology management.;12.;Datamonitor Business Information Center provides detailed coverage of companies;industries, and countries. Included are over 10,000 country profiles, over 2000 industry;profiles, and over 50 country profiles. Most profiles are updated on a quarterly basis and;average 100 pages in length. A "News and Comment" section also provides commentary;on events affecting businesses throughout the world.;13.;Dun & Bradstreet Key Business Ratios provide industry averages for popular ratios that;measure solvency, efficiency, and profitability. This resource is recommended for courses;in finance.;14.;EBSCOhost includes the full text of nearly 4,000 periodicals, including over 2,000;scholarly journals such as Harvard Business Review. This resource is appropriate for;courses in all subjects.;15.; is the premier online source for the analysis of world business and;current affairs, providing authoritative insight and opinion on international news, world;politics, business, finance, science, and technology, as well as overviews of cultural trends;and industry, business and, country surveys. publishes all articles from;The Economist print edition (including those printed only in British copies) plus a;searchable archive of all the Economists articles back to January 2000. Links to other;articles and to relevant sources on the web are included with many of the stories.;16.;The Euromonitor Global Market Information Database (GMID) is an integrated online;information system providing key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets;and consumers. Components include country statistics, market data, lifestyle indicators;country profiles, and company overviews. Hoover's Company Profiles provides access to;in-depth profiles of 3,400 public and private companies in the U.S. and around the world.;Each profile includes company operations and history, list of officers, products, key;competitors, and a financial overview.;17.;Hoover's Company Capsules provides basic information on more than 13,500 public and;private companies. This data includes addresses, phone and fax numbers, names of key;officers, sales and employment figures, and stock symbols. This resource is recommended;for courses in business.;18.;Policy Central is a comprehensive database of United States politics, government, and;public affairs. Publications within the database include the Almanac of American Politics;American Health LineTM, National Journal, Technology Daily, and many other valuable;sources. This resource is recommended for courses in political science, health care;administration, technology management, and all other subjects related to public policy.;19.;Reference USA provides a comprehensive directory of businesses in the United States;and Canada. Searches can combine multiple criteria, allowing for generation of customized;lists of businesses. This resource is recommended for courses in business.;There are many sources of business and economic data and forecasts on the internet. The;information that is available for economists and professionals in all fields, including real estate;can be very valuable. Data, forecasts, and news related to employment, population growth;income, interest rates, prices, wealth, consumer confidence, and real estate are all readily;available. Political issues that may affect the economy are monitored and debated online on an;ongoing basis, and the economy is analyzed by economists, business professionals, and news;analysts. The list below includes some very good and mostly free web sites that are excellent;sources of information whether you are interested in the global and United States economy or;financial markets. This includes databases available from the United States government, reports;and data produced by the Federal Reserve, and business and real estate oriented web sites are;also listed. I have also included some web sites that are useful sources of general knowledge;about economics and statistics. Finally, the media can be a very good resource for information;related to the economy, news, and financial reports. The web sites that I have listed below do not;represent a comprehensive list.;The analysis of historical economic data facilitates the understanding of important historical;economic events and the analysis of how changing economic trends affect businesses and;industry. Excellent resources for historical economic data include;1.;Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This website includes research;historical data, and the Monetary Policy Report to the Congress. For historical economic;data, click on Economic Research and Data. Select Statistics: Releases and Historical;Data. You will find historical data related to interest rates, the money supply, foreign;exchange rate, and other data. The address is:;2.;At the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis you can find economic research and FRED II, a;database of economic and financial statistics and historical data. Categories of data;includes, among others, business/fiscal, Consumer Price Index (CPI), employment and;population, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and components, interest rates, and U.S. trade;and international transactions. The address is;3.;United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis is an excellent;source of historic economic and industry or business sector specific data. This website is;an excellent resource as you search for national, international, regional, and industry level;data. See GDP by Industry for industry specific data. Also click on Gross Domestic Product;and see Supplemental Estimates for underlying detail tables where you will find detailed;industry or product-type data about inventories and sales, personal consumption;expenditures, gross private domestic investment, and motor vehicle output. The address is;;4.;The United States Census Bureau is an excellent resource for population and;demographic data. See;5.;The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good source of historical data related to;unemployment, inflation and specific commodities prices (CPI and PPI). You will also find;historical data and other information related to, among others, inflation and consumer;spending, wages, earnings, benefits, productivity, industries, employment and;unemployment, and state as well as local area economic data. See;6.;The Office of Management and Budget includes budget and the statistical tables of the;Economic Report of the President are found at the website for the White House;;7.;You may find Economic Indicators directly. This is published by the U.S. Congress;;8.;The United States Department of Commerce provides other very good sources of data.;See, for example, the Economics and Statistics Administration. The website is; You can also find trade and economic analyses, and other reports;at;9.;The Federal Aviation Administration is an excellent source of data. There are also;aviation forecasts on this site. See;Once the student has completed an analysis of historical economic data and understands the;impact of historical economic events then the analysis of how changing economic trends affect;businesses and industry becomes easier. There are excellent resources students can go to in;order to find forecasts related to the economy and economic indicators. Some of these;resources available to students interested in finding reputable forecasts include;1.;See the Congressional Budget Office for current budget and economic forecasts;publications, and other budget and economics information. Go to the following website;;2.;Mortgage Bankers Association of America includes economic and mortgage finance;forecasts, reports and publications, and other information relevant to real estate;professionals:;3.;The Conference Board includes economic research, the Consumer Confidence Index;and economic forecasts:;4.;National Association of Homebuilders includes housing and economic data, economic;forecasts, and data and information related to the homebuilding industry and building;materials:;5.;Global Insight can be a good source for timely analysis, forecasts, and discussions.;;6.;RSQE Forecasts is another source for economic forecasts and other economics;information:;7.;The Financial Forecast Center is a source for economic forecasts, historical data, and;other related information:;These sites are useful to people who are interested in trends and forecasts related to prices and;the prices of commodities;1.; is a source for data related to materials and commodities;;2.;The New York Mercantile Exchange is a source for futures and options prices for;commodities:;3.;The Chicago Board of Trade is another source for commodities prices;;These are other sites that are useful to business economists interested in financial, market, and;tax data;1.;National Association for Business Economics:;2.;New York Stock Exchange:;3.;NASDAQ:;4.;Standard & Poors:;pagename=sp/Page/HomePg&r=1&l=EN;5.;Federation of Tax Administrators (State tax rates and structures);;The following web sites may be interesting to those of you who are interested in the economies of;other countries, including those in the European Union (EU);1.;The European Union On-Line:;2.;The European Central Bank includes information for students, and research as well;;3.;The World Bank Group includes information for students, researchers, and investors;;4.;The International Monetary Fund also has very good information for students;;The following web sites may be interesting to real estate professionals and professionals in the;Phoenix-area interested in forecasts related to the real estate and the general economy;1.;Appraisal Institute:;2.;Arizona Board of Appraisal:;3.;Phoenix Association of Realtors:;4.;Arizona Department of Real Estate:;There are many web sites that are dedicated to adding to the publics general knowledge of;economics, forecasting, economic research and forecasts, economics resources on the Internet;and the history of economic thought. Some very good examples of these include;1.;WCSU List: Economics Internet Resources:;2.;;3.;Another source for data, forecasts, and other related information is;Economic Time Series Page:;5.;EconData.Net, Your Guide to Regional Economic Data on the Web;;6.;The History of Economic Thought Website:;7.;Encyclopedia of Law and Economics:;8.;Institute for International Economics:;9.;Al Roths Game Theory And Experimental Economics Page;;10.;There is also room for jokes:;There are many web sites that are dedicated to adding to the publics general knowledge of;statistics on the Internet. Some very good examples of these include;1.;American Statistical Association:;2.;The Econometric Society:;3.;Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decisions:;4.;Advanced Statistics and Optimization:;5.; for statistics data resources:;6.;Statistics on the Web:;7.;Seeing Statistics:;8.;SurfStat statistical table:;9.;StatSoft, Inc:;10.;Some useful statistical tables:;11.;Statistics in Educational Research - An Internet Based Course;;The media;1.;The Wall Street Journal:;2.;The New York Times:;3.;CNN Money:;4.;CBS Market Watch:;5.;MSN.Money:;6.;Yahoo!Finance:


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