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What actions could Paul have taken to prevent the problem?




1. What actions could Paul have taken to prevent the problem?;Paul could have taken into confidence his immediate supervisors and the below hierarchy subordinate, in short a total team. The way to win their confidence and to motivate them to contribute their best and be part of the new innovation was by making them understand the intended benefits that company is planning to get from it. They should also be made to believe that the company intended benefits was linked directly to benefits of all workers. They both can grow in tandem and not separately and they need each other to support each other.;Not only that some motivation structure mainly monetary should have been conceptualized and implemented to keep subordinates incentivized and motivated. Also utmost care has to be taken for issues like proper implementation of planned wok station, ergonomics issues related to work and workers need to be taken care of.;2. What steps should Paul take now to deal with the problem?;The following steps are recommended to be taken by Paul;- Proper alignment and planned installation of workstation. If it is not possible to change totally now because of work and financial implications, it must be ensured that whatever is possible is done;- Proper training module and schedule should be planned and implemented for all persons needed to use workstations so as to familiarize them with workstation capabilities and operations and to achieve max from its efficiency.;- Incentive structure and planned has to be conceptualized and implemented with immediate effect to showcase practically to all stakeholders that if company is benefiting from increased efficiency and production it will benefit all its stakeholders as well


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