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Cromwell Electronics Dan Dalton was the marketing VP for Cromwell Electronics. 10 months later he appointed Ed Corelli as the




Cromwell Electronics;Dan Dalton was the marketing VP for Cromwell Electronics. 10 months later he appointed Ed Corelli as the manager for a new formed marketing unit for the south east region. The unit was resposnible for developing marketing presentation, advertisng campaigns and promotions for the sale of Cromwell products in the same eastern region. The unit had six marketing specialist: two were long-time employees and the other were newly hired. Ed was promoted to the position based on a good reputation as a marketing specialist. Even though marketing unit was new, dan expected the performance to be better.;Pat Posner worked for the company for 10 years. He commented that Ed was a great manager, Pat also liked the high level of autonomy he was allowed. Pt said Ed gives me complete discestion to plan the marketing campaigns for my set of products." If I have a problem, he encourages me to look at it from a diferent presepective, but he does'nt say what he wants me to do about it. He trust me to solve my own problems. When I make a mistake, which seldon happens, he does not get upset. Instead he expects me to learn from it. Pat also noted that Ed showed sincere appreciation for good perfomance. My marketing campaign for the new product was very successful. He also told me he tried to get me a pay increase.;Kathie O'Toole one of the new employees was less satisfied with Ed as a manager. " Sometimes, I wish Ed will give me more direction. He is always pushing me to make my own decision. Maybe if I had more exprerience I would like it, but right know it makes me feel insecure. I never know if I am ding what he expects. Whe I go to him for help he turns the question around and ask what I would do. He doesn't seem to understand if I knew the answer I would not be going to him for the answer. And when I do something wrong he does not seem to care. Ed likes to pretend that misatkes will go away if you don't talk about them. Kathie had a nther complaint as well. He seels to favor tow employees who have been with the company longer. He give them the more inetersting assignemnt, he consults with them more about his plans for the unit and he reommends them for larger pay increases. Kathie notes Sallie and George, new empoyees agrees with her complaints.;At lunch that day, Dan ask Ed how things were goingin his unit.Ed replied that he was disappointed with some of the new marketing strategies. Only one of the new employees (Linda) was performing well. The others seem to lack drive and iniative. Ed emphasizes that he is tired to avid any favoritism which has been a serious problem for the former boss. Although he gives the most complex assignments to the marketing specialist with more experience. Ed had attended the company workshop on empowerment and he ws trying to give employees the autonomy they needed to learn and develop new skills on the job. He was careful not to supervise closely or criticuze mistakes. He provided recognition for outstanding achievements and recommeneded pay increases for good perfomance. Ed ask his boss " what am I doing wrong.;Cromwell Electronics;The case describes a manager who has developed an effective working relationship with some subordinate but not others. Students have an opportunity to use LMX theory and attribution theory to analyze the reasons why the manager has not been able to develop an effective relationship with some subordinates.;1. What theories from the chapter are relevant for analyzing the case?;2. Evaluate Ed?s behavior as a manager, and identify effective and ineffective actions.;3. What should Dan say or do now?


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