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Microsoft ? A Case Study in Failing to Meet Customer Expectations




Microsoft ? A Case Study in Failing to Meet Customer Expectations;Microsoft still leads the market with its Windows platform, but it?s once unbreakable stronghold has shown cracks of weakness in recent years. The biggest failure ? Windows Vista.;The failure of Windows Vista occurred for a few reasons;1. Microsoft made huge promises about how great Windows Vista would be before it rolled out. These Public Relations stunts created customer expectations that were not met by the final product.;2. Customers felt like Windows Vista hostages. New PCs came with Windows Vista pre-installed. Customers like to feel as if they?re in control and able to make the choices that meet their needs. Forcing products down customers? throats does not create happy customers.;3. As the market leader who had previously rolled out one product after another that customers were, for the most part, satisfied with, Microsoft became pompous. Instead of putting customers first and making sure the new products it rolled out met customers? needs and expectations, Microsoft put its own agenda first and rolled out a product that met its own needs but not its customers? needs.;At the All Things Digital D6 conference in late May 2009, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates hinted that Windows 7 is coming. While Ballmer still refused to admit that Windows Vista was a failure (his pompous response, ?Vista?s not a failure and it?s not a mistake?) instead redirecting attention to the 150 million Vista licenses that Microsoft has shipped to date (of course, he failed to mention the hostage situation referenced in bullet 2 above), Bill Gates took the high road (or at least a slightly higher road).;Gates said, ?We have a culture where we need to do better.? He stated that Microsoft needs to keep new product development details closer to the vest until it?s in the best interest of Microsoft and its customers to share them. He also said Microsoft needs to be, ?more predictable in the delivery of our products.?;Questions for Discussion;Do you feel that Microsoft paid a lot of attention to good customer care, whilst developing Windows Vista? Briefly explain the reasons for your answer.;What type of customer-relationship did the company follow?;Why did they fail to develop a customer first culture? Explain the reasons for your answer.


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