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Problem 22 - Trying to Submit with payment for hom...




Problem 22 - Trying to Submit with payment for homework assistance. The problem's given information & questions are listed in the attachement. The questions are also listed in this window: 1. Determine the December 31, 2011, consolidated balance for each of the following accounts: Depreciation Expense, Dividends Paid, Revenue, Equipment, Buildings, Goodwill, Common Stock. 2. How does the parent's choice of an accounting method for its investment affect the balances computed in requirement (1)? 3. Which method of accounting for this subsidiary is the parent actually using for internal reporting purposes? 4. If the parent company had used a different method of accounting for this investment, how could that method have been identified? 5. What would be Foxx's balance for retained earnings as of January 1, 2011, if each of the following methods had been in use? Initial value method, Partial equity method, Equity method.


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