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Brantley College has decided to "wire" its campus.




1. Brantley College has decided to "wire" its campus. The first stage in this effort is to install the;backbone," i.e., to connect all the buildings. The table below gives the distances between the;various buildings on campus in hundreds of feet.;Distances in Hundreds of Feet;From;To;Building 1;Building 1;Building 2;Building 3;Building 4;Building 5;Building 6;Building 2;3;Building 3;7;5;Building 4;5;2;5;Building 5;5;6;4;5;Building 6;4;6;4;3;4;a. How should the buildings be connected to minimize the total length of cable?;b. What length of cable is required?;2. The following represents the distances in miles from a warehouse (node 1) to various cities;in Alabama. The major outlet store is located at node 7. Find the shortest route from Node 1 to;Node 7.;From Node;1;1;2;2;3;3;3;4;4;5;5;6;To Node;2;4;3;4;4;5;6;5;7;6;7;7;Distance;40;100;20;30;60;40;20;70;50;50;80;40;3. The network of storm drains and the capacities are shown below. Determine the maximum;flow (in hundreds of gallons of water per minute) from node 1 to node 5. Remember that the arc;has both capacity and reverse capacity.;From;Node;1;2;1;3;1;4;1;5;2;4;3;4;3;5;4;5;To Node;Fluid Flow;2;1;3;1;4;1;5;1;4;2;4;3;5;3;5;4;150;100;0;150;300;300;150;100;300;200;250;300;300;250;100;0


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