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Managing the Hidden Forces




The Tip of the Iceberg;Managing the Hidden Forces That;Can Make or Break Your;Organization;Story by David Hutchens;Illustrations by Bobby Gombert;One Moody Street;Waltham, MA 02453-5339;781-398-9700;Fax 781-894-7175;;Copyright 2001 Pegasus Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.;This is the story of a mysterious chain of events that;occurred far away, on a big, jagged iceberg.;It has to do with the complex connections among;some penguins... and clams... and walruses.;The penguins;knew about the;clam bed that lay;deep beneath;them. But, being;small birds, they;couldnt dive down;to get them.;Walruses eat clams, too, and are capable of;diving to great depths. But they respected the;penguins territory.;After one particularly harsh;winter, the penguins were;ready to take action. They;negotiated a mutually;beneficial collaboration with;the walruses.;Word about the pact soon spread, and penguins from other;icebergs began to show up, eager to enjoy the good eating;that the Protocol had made possible.;Everything seems to be working out, Sparky grinned.;The more walruses we recruit, the more clams we get;and the more penguins come, Juneau said. Then we;recruit more walruses and the cycle starts all over;again.;But something was bothering Sparky.;Penguins and walruses flocked to;the iceberg. One day, a walrus sat;on a penguin.;Over time, reports of;penguin-flattenings;increased.;Sparky began to wonder whether these were indeed;random events.;While pondering the problem, Sparky absentmindedly;glanced at the flag that marked the signing of the;Protocol.;It was now partly under water! The iceberg was sinking;under the weight of the extra penguins and walruses.;The penguins scratched a new diagram in the ice;Juneau explained, As the walruses brought more clams;up, more penguins and walruses came, causing the;iceberg to begin to sink. Once the iceberg started sinking;that made us all start fightingwhich caused folks to stop;wanting to come here.;But what could the penguins do? First, they agreed on;the outcome they wanted, then they brainstormed ideas.;They listed possible impacts of these actions and formed;backup plans.;After some group discussion, the penguins and;walruses decided to experiment with planting new clam;beds near the mainland.;Some months later, Sparky reflected, There must be;other connections were not seeing. How are the plans;that were putting into place now creating new results;that we dont know about?;He would find out soon enough.;In the story, the penguins entered a virtuous reinforcing;process.;But as the population approached the icebergs limit, a;balancing process worked to keep the system at a certain;level of performance.;Looping It Together;As the penguins continued to push the system for more;and more growth, the system resisted further change.;End of Presentation


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