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Your think tank had originally planned to discuss current GDP




Your think tank had originally planned to discuss current GDP, unemployment, and inflation issues, discussing the three economic measures in three separate conversations. Gabe thinks that it makes more sense to discuss these three measures together, and focus on the relationships between them and the factors that affect these numbers. Gabe has asked you 1) how comfortable you are with these topics and 2) how these topics should be discussed by the think tank members?;In an e-mail to Gabe, address the following;o To prove to Gabe that you are comfortable and knowledgeable in this area of economics, provide an explanation of GDP, unemployment, and inflation as measures of economic activity. Cite recent examples and issues in each area to support your demonstration of understanding.;o Discuss the extent to which you believe these three measures are related, whether or not it is best to discuss each separately, and why you feel this way. You do not have to agree with Gabe, but you do need to support your reasoning.


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