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The Case Study assignment for this class,




The Case Study assignment for this class, Ebay, is found in your text book on page 402-407, and addresses issues pertinent to the topics studied in this course. Complete your assigned readings and learning activities before you complete the assessment. Prepare a paper (700 to 1,050 words) discussing Ebay?s globalization strategy. References are not included in the required paper length. CSU requires that students use the APA format in writing course papers. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. Your paper must contain at least five references, and may include Internet sources, books, and professional journals or other appropriate resources. Please do not copy or plagiarize others materials. All papers are electronically scanned by Significant deduction of points may result when copying and plagiarism is evident. Incorporate in your analysis responses to the following questions;1.What is eBay?s core competency? How does it relate to their chosen strategy?;2.How would you explain how eBay has decided to configure and coordinate its value chain?;3.Would you characterize eBay?s value chain as virtual or real? Why?;4.Consider again your description of eBay?s strategy. Is it different from what it was ten years ago? Why?;5.What implications to the challenges identified in the case have for eBay?s strategy - today and in the future?


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