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Assignment # 1 Enron Corporation (former NYSE ticker symbol ENE);Using computers, the Internet, and other resources, research the activities of the;Enron Corporation (Enron), its officers, and its agents (auditors and sellers of;securities). Using all the material presented thus far in the course, analyze the;activities you researched. References/research (at least 3 or 4).;You are to write a 3-4 page report that answers the following: Type the question followed by your;answer to the question.;Please use plain English. PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED. Check your papers to;correct and avoid plagiarism at:;QUESTION # 1. Describe how Enron could have been structured differently to avoid;such activities.;QUESTIO# 2. Discuss whether Enrons officers acted within the scope of their;authority.;QUESTION# 3. Describe the corporate culture at Enron.;QUESTION# 4. Discuss two alleged irregularities in the actions between sellers of;securities and Enron.;QUESTION# 5. Discuss whether or not Enron was liable for the actions of its agents;and employees.;NOTE: You will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the;report, your language skills, and your writing skills.;The assignment will be graded using the following rubric;Outcomes Assessed;Describe the legal environment of business, the;sources of American law, and the basis of authority;for government to regulate business.;Differentiate between civil law and criminal law and;describe the various classifications of crimes.;Use technology and information resources to;research issues in business law.;Grading Rubric for Assignment # 1 - Enron Corporation;NOTE: WOULD LIKE TO HAVE 40 EXEMPLARY ESSAY.;0;20;30;40;Criteria;Unacceptable;Developing;Competent;Exemplary;1. Describe how Enron Did not complete the Described partially;Described sufficiently Described fully how;could have been;assignment or did not how Enron could have how Enron could have Enron could have been;structured differently describe sufficiently been structured;been structured;structured differently to;to avoid such;how Enron could have differently to avoid;differently to avoid;avoid such activities;activities.;been structured;such activities with 60 such activities with 80 with 90 100%;differently to avoid;79% accuracy;89% accuracy;accuracy, insight, and;such activities;insight, and;insight, and;thoroughness.;included irrelevant;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;information.;2. Discuss whether;Did not complete the Discussed partially;Discussed sufficiently Discussed fully;Enrons officers;assignment or did not whether Enrons;whether Enrons;whether Enrons;acted within the;discuss sufficiently;officers acted within officers acted within officers acted within;scope of their;whether Enrons;the scope of their;the scope of their;the scope of their;authority.;officers acted within authority with 60;authority with 80;authority with 90;the scope of their;79% accuracy, insight, 89% accuracy, insight, 100% accuracy, insight;authority, included;and thoroughness.;and thoroughness.;and thoroughness.;irrelevant information.;3. Describe the;Did not complete the Described partially the Described sufficiently Described fully the;corporate culture at assignment or did not corporate culture at;the corporate culture at corporate culture at;Enron.;describe sufficiently Enron with 60 79% Enron with 80 89% Enron with 90 100%;the corporate culture at accuracy, insight, and accuracy, insight, and accuracy, insight, and;Enron, included;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;irrelevant information.;4. Discuss two alleged Did not complete the Discussed partially 1 of Discussed sufficiently Discussed fully 2;irregularities in the assignment or did not the 2 alleged;2 alleged irregularities alleged irregularities in;actions between;discuss sufficiently;irregularities in the;in the actions between the actions between;sellers of securities alleged irregularities in actions between sellers sellers of securities and sellers of securities and;and Enron.;the actions between;of securities and Enron Enron with 80 89% Enron with 90 100%;sellers of securities and with 60 79%;accuracy, insight, and accuracy, insight, and;Enron, included;accuracy, insight, and thoroughness.;thoroughness.;irrelevant information. thoroughness.;5. Discuss whether or Did not complete the Discussed partially;Discussed sufficiently Discussed fully;not Enron was liable assignment or did not whether or not Enron whether or not Enron whether or not Enron;for the actions of its discuss sufficiently;was liable for the;was liable for the;was liable for the;agents and;whether or not Enron actions of its agents;actions of its agents;actions of its agents;employees.;was liable for the;and employees with 60 and employees with 80 and employees with 90;actions of its agents;79% accuracy;89% accuracy;100% accuracy;and employees;insight, and;insight, and;insight, and;included irrelevant;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;information.;6. Clarity;Did not complete the Explanations generally Explanations generally Explanations very clear;assignment or;unclear and not well clear and/or organized. and well organized.;explanations are;organized.;(Minor issues);(Added helpful details.);unclear and not;(Many issues);organized.;0;20;Unacceptable;Developing;(Major issues);7. Writing Grammar, Did not complete the Had 6 - 7 different;sentence structure, assignment or had 8 or errors in grammar;paragraph structure, more different errors in sentence structure;spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence;paragraph structure;APA usage.;structure, paragraph;spelling, punctuation;structure, spelling;or APA usage. (Many;punctuation, or APA issues);usage. (Major issues);Criteria;30;Competent;Had 4 - 5 different;errors in grammar;sentence structure;paragraph structure;spelling, punctuation;or APA usage. (Minor;issues);40;Exemplary;Had 0 - 3 different;errors in grammar;sentence structure;paragraph structure;spelling, punctuation;or APA usage.


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