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Choose a topic to research in Administrative theory




Choose a topic to research in Administrative theory. You are to address actual events and situations that;arise in the day-to-day world of policy and public administration in approach to administrative theory.;You will then prepare a written analysis of each, following the guidelines below. Each analysis should be;approximately 8 - 10 pages in length. The proper format is the APA style.;Guidelines: The central issue in your analysis is to describe what the case tells us about the theory and;practice of public administration. Focus on the primary question you seek to address and develop a;framework for supporting your research. Some general questions that you may want to consider include;the following;What are the issues and what are they issues?;Who are the actors?;What leads the various actors make the choices or take the positions that they do? What are the personal;forces? What are the organizational forces? What are the external forces?;What theoretical perspectives or models help you understand what happened in the case? How?;What does the case tell us about;The environment within which public administration occurs?;The nature of the policy system and the policy making process?;The decision making process?;Leadership and management?;Administrative ethics?;In analyzing the paper, you should draw upon class readings, peer reviewed journal articles, legitimate;online resources (do not rely on Wikipedia) as well as personal experiences that may be relevant to your;study.


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